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Originally Posted by Essayons89 View Post
It's funny (I guess) but if I would have to choose between this and having that darn fissure again I would much rather have this. Those fissures hurt and after surgery was no treat either.

I'm heading the pharmacy in a bit to pick up my allergy prescriptions and some Metamucil. In regards to soluable vs. insoluable fiber, don't many fruits and vegetable and foods such as oat and oat bran contain both soluable and insoluable fiber? I know that I'm going to have to change my whole diet around. Eating meats like chicken, turkey and fish isn't a problem. I eat more of those than anything else, the harder part is going to be finding out which foods are higher than other in soluable fiber. I'm definately going to have to go see a dietician/nutritionist.
That's the best bet - there are dietitians who specialise in inflammatory bowel disease and diverticular disease - they'll be able to give you very comprehensive information.

I do have an internal hemmorhoid which was found when I had my colonoscopy last year. Could this be where most of the bleeding was and sometimes is coming from? I think that it may a result of both the colitis and diverticulosis as well as "the 'roid". The latter wouldn't make my abdoment sore like this. The soreness is usually worse after I eat something. I assume that is "normal" during a flare up?
Yes, the soreness after you eat is normal - that's why diet is so important. Try to limit your meals to small meals six times a day as opposed to three large ones. The bleeding may be coming a little from the haemorrhoid but it won't be responsible for all the bleeding most likely. Usually one of the first symptoms of a flare of colitis is some rectal bleeding. This is going to sound gross, and you'll have to excuse me, but if there's blood on or in your stool it's usually coming from the bowel, if it's just a bit of bright red blood on the paper it's usually coming from a haemorrhoid.

As much as I don't want to stay off of work for another week I don't think I'm going to have much of a choice, the ole health comes first. I need to go see my general care doctor to get some FMLA paperwork filled out until I see the specialist.

Thanks, Kit. I really appreciate it.
It's my pleasure. And yes, you will need to be off work with this - it's not going to help you to push yourself when you are alreayd immunocompromised. That will just prolong your recovery.
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Well, I just got back from seeing my gastroenterologist. He thinks that I may have an infection but he's also not ruling out diverticulitis. He said that he doesn't want to do another colonoscopy so soon after the last one if he absolutely doesn't have to but for starters he's going to have me get a CT done on abdomen to look for any swelling and he put me on a week's worth of metronidazole (500mg- three times a day). I'm also going to be getting some blood work and other tests done. He's leaving to go out of town after today so I won't seem him for another two weeks or so.

I'm going to try and go back to work tomorrow. I only have 20 hours of leave left because of this and I have bills that need to be paid. I have to try it and see if I can just tough it out. I don't have much of a choice so we'll have to see how it goes.

On a side note, flagyl tablets are some nasty tasting things. Talk about leaving a horrible taste in the mouth....bleeech!
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