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Laser pointer Madness!

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I bought a laser pointer for my kitty Ting --->
I know I am not the first person to do so, nor is it a new toy, but she acts like I threw her in a bathtub... she jumps like she is in a fight for her life... sounds bad, but she LOVES the pointer. My mother swears I am "torturing" her. She meows and meows until I bring it out again. Anyone else have a nutty laser kitty?
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lol, it must really be a sight. my kitty prefers paper or string but my mothers kitten and my sisters dog love them.
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Yes, all of mine love it except Baker. He prefers to hide in doorways and pounce on the others running down the hallway
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laser pointers are such good fun ! I always feel bad when we have to put it away so I now make sure theres another toy for the kits 'fight' with
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OHhhhhhhh yes!! My cat tore up my sheetrock attacking the laser pointer. It's hilarious. I'll have to drag that out again, it's always good for a laugh. I'll try to get a short video of it and upload it to YouTube.
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Check out this video. It sums up the madness:

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Ya my Stormie and Blue LOOOVE the laser, also the dogs do sometimes! Now our Willie only plays when he is in the mood which isnt often, and tessa could care less same with Midnight, and well Bella could care less about it completly But u have the madness with just the 2 kitties running and chasing it, and when I go to put it away they both just stare at me and give me that "evil" look But we do the laser here every night!

Also my brothers 3 kitties all love it, including Max who is 14 years old! They just love my laser (I told my brother he better invest in one lol) And his puppy also goes nuts for it!!!
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hey everyone.That sounds so brilliant.Sounds like yr cat is having one big party with it.And some good exercise too
I have read so much about them.But I know I sound a bit stupid.Where would I go about getting one.I think PS Kitten would love it and she has a massive jump.Thanks
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