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Goodbye beautiful

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There was a lovely cat who always visited my parents and invited itself in (we never knew its name) - it belonged to the neighbour and it was so lovely, so friendly, and fearless. It had the softest fur you could ever feel, a beautiful long haired tabby.

The neighbour came and told my mother that he had been hit by a car.

You and your gorgeous purrsonality will be sorely missed.

Be happy at the Rainbow Bridge and we will meet again.
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RIP Sweet One - have fun over the Bridge, you'll meet some great kitties
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RIP beautiful kitty, have fun at the Bridge.
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AWW!!! RIP you precious one.
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RIP little one.
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How tragic. RIP sweet little one..
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Goodbye, little one.
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RIP sweet kitty! You obviously made an impression...say "Hi!" to my Cinnamon Bear at the bridge! She'll be happy to meet you!
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Rest In Peace, Beautiful Kitty..
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I'm so sorry. Swift wings, little one. You'll meet many friends at the Bridge.
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How sad.

RIP little one
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Bless it's little heart Have a wonderful time at the bridge little one
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such sad news your in my thoughts rip little one x
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Aw Kelley, I'm so sorry.

RIP little one - play happily over the bridge!

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RIP little one

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Poor baby - play happily over the bridge, little one!
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RIP Little Sweetie
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