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Feeding from a "double diner?""

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I'm looking into getting a "double diner" or buffet for my cats to eat out of for a few reasons...

1) My Vinny's almost 9, and since he's not getting any younger I want to make it easier on him sooner rather than later to eat out of bowls that are elevated to relieve any stress it may eventually have on his muscles.

2) My Sherman loves to tip over the water bowl! I'm getting a little tired of having puddles on my kitchen floor. Plus, they both like to "pull" the food bowls all over the kitchen which can get quite annoying.

3) I have always liked the way a wrought iron double feeder has looked.

But, I'm afraid that they will lose interest cuz they won't like eating "upright" or that they will no longer be able to "play" with their food and water, thus resulting in not eating. Does anyone use them currently with success?

Also, what size do you recommend? And do you recommend a 3-bowl ceramic buffet or a 2-bowl ceramic or stainless steel wrought iron feeder? I currently feed them with 3 bowls -- 1 larger stainless steel bowl for water, and 2 small stainless steel bowls for food. The ones I'm looking at are at the Drs. Foster and Smith website...

Any info would be much appreciated!!
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i use a 2 bowl feeder, and it's 4" tall i think. i'd prefer 5" tall, but they seem to like 4" ok. right now we have this one but ours is blue. i bought it at petsmart. i put cute ceramic bowls with pawprints in it. it came with stainless bowls but they weren't very good quality and the dishwasher destroyed one. corelle dessert bowls also work in it.

we used to have the 3 bowl feeder (discontinued version) from drs foster smith that was wooden. i ended up pitching it a few months ago...the wood started seperating and generally looking terrible. i wouldn't buy a wooden feeder again because of that.

i had a wrought iron cat-shaped feeder for a while, but gave it away. stimpy was scared of the cat shaped head on the one end. it was too bad, it was a really cute feeder.

if i buy a new one i would get this one.
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I've been looking for a stand alone feeder myself. But whenever I find one that I like, it has ceramic bowls, and I like stainless steel myself.
Do let me know if you get one and it works for you and your kitties...Marishka is too afraid to eat anything up high, like if I put it on a table or something (to keep away from the dogs), so I was nervous she wouldn't adjust and quit eating like you mentioned (since I know what you mean about how finnickey they can be with food).
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