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Peeing caused by anxiety?

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I just read the thread about inappropriate peeing, but I thought I should post my own thread about my question. I have a male fixed orange tabby named Morris. I'm not sure of his age, because he was a stray, but he is somewhere between 13 and 15. I recently found a small stool in my bed, and I mean very tiny. I also realized the sheet was bleached and on closer inspection... yep, it’s stinky. Out of the 10 years I've had my cat, he has never peed in my bed. Although I go to college, and for the past 9 months I've been gone for two weeks at a time and come home every other weekend. Also, my mom just got a new house, and she likes to leave Morris at home when she is only gone for a day or two because he hates to travel. My bed is one of his favorite spots, when I go away to school I make sure the blankets are arranged so he can cocoon himself. Do you think that this could be mad at me? Or maybe all this coming and going is making him anxious? I've considered the UTI; if he does it again I will take him to the vet. I'm not even mad because this is so out of character for him. What are your thoughts?
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Hello and welcome

More often that not, it's a medical problem like UTI rather than just behavioral.

Cats have been known to pee on their owner's personal belongings (things with your scent) when they are stressed. However, stress can cause a UTI so you can't be sure of what's going on until the vet tests his urine.

If he only peed a very small amount, that's indicative of a UTI. Not a guarantee but it certainly points to it.

Watch him closely for any changes in his behavior...sniffing around the house, visiting the litterbox more frequently, a change in the volume of urine he leaves in the box, frequent and/or prolonged licking of his genitals, hiding, nervousness, restlessness, etc. They all spell UTI. In males, it can get complicated but caught early it's easily treated.
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