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White film on eyes...Cateracts? Blindness? Something else?

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I just picked up a cat to transport to my friend. He is about 5 years old and pure white with one blue eye and one greenish gold eye. However, there is an even white layer of film over both eyes. It is even hard to tell it is film at first, I am just calling it that, but it looks like his eyes are pink but then you look closer and they aren't.

The guy didn't really know what the vet said it was but the vet said it shouldn't be affecting his vision at all. It is so hard to tell in photos, but his eyes are almost pinkish white, with a light shade of the color (blue and greenish gold) in the background.

Does anyone have thoughts? he doesn't seem to be blind, maybe his sight is not quite perfect though. Is he what would be called albino? Is this a serious health condition I need to tell my friend to watch out for in the future?


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My first thought is: OMG! Can I have him?

My second thought is a vet visit, of course. It's a second opinion to find out what it is.
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I forgot to mention that they said he was born like this and had him at the vet a lot at first because they were concerned, but the vet said it is just sort of a genetic thing or something and nothing can really be done at that time. They had him since he was a kitten. It never seened to really affect his vision at all.

Can cats be albino? If he was would he have that little bit of color in his eyes at all?
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My Dumdum (the persian) has juevnile onset cataracts. We found it when he turned 6 months or so. Both parents must be carriers for him to get Juvenile onset cataracts.

He has a white film over both eyes, centered directly over his eyeballs. And it has grown about 2mm since we discovered it. It does NOT cover the whole eye.

The thing about cataracts is that while you CAN wait for an op, you HAVE to be extra careful as cataracts can become infected (hasn't happened to me yet, thank god). Dumdum has special eyedrops (predforte) which contains steriods. It has helped a lot. But then, Dum2 is schizo since he thinks he's an Aby - the cat climbs and plays unlike 100% of persians I know!

I haven't made an appt for an op yet since he appears he doesn't need it.

There are rare albino cats - but their eyes would be pink, not white.

If you can handle the finances, get an eye specialist vet to have a look at his eyes. You can usually get the eye check done cheaply at the vet faculty of a university
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