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two top queens = trouble

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Hey, i brought my kitty over to my new house and i know there is a thread here somewhere, i have looked at it before. the only problem is that there is two queen cats in the same house. and one of them has kittens and they are both top cats. i know that they will eventually have to figure it all out but how do i go about hedging it to be as bloodless, painless, and stressful as possible? i am keeping my kitty out of mama kittys room and keep her out of my/had's room. me and daniel introduced them earlier and we pushed it a bit too far and mama kitty struck out at Had. i put hads harness on her for easy grabbing in case of trouble. for now we have mama kitty in her room with the kittens and Had is roaming the house getting used to it. it isn't fair that mama kitty knows the terrain and had doesn't. the more she is here the calmer she gets and i am gonna continue having them visit in the living room(neutral territory) with me and daniel right there then separate them for a day or so. is that good? do you have any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.
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I would keep the cat with her kittens seperate until the mother is done with them at like 10-12 weeks or so. Maybe not quite that long. Are you going to spay the females? That would help with the aggression towards each other.
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sorry, my cat is already fixed. is there a term for fixed females? i have just heard queen, sorry. i am pretty sure that daniel is going to fix mama kitty but i don't know when. i am gonna keep them apart for as long as i can but pretty soon mama kitty and the kittens are gonna roam. Had, my kitty won't mess with the kittens, she will ignore them so i am not worried about that.
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Spayed is the term for a fixed female. Neutered is the term for a fixed male

If they are both top cats, usually the non-spayed female will still rule over the others. But you may have problems with both of them wanting to be top cat.

My males (neutered) got along a lot better with each other or other cats then the females did - they tolerated new ones.

However, my queen (unspayed female) got to the point where she was constantly after my oldest spayed female and had to be totally separated from her at all times or they would fight.

I had her spayed and placed her in an only cat home about a year later.
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I agree the fertile or unspayed queen will be top cat. It's a rule in the cat world. I think Had knows this and unless she has never been around her kind, she will keep out of the mommy cat's way or be the first to back out when challenged.
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yeah, she bows down for mama kitty. mama kitty keeps coming in my room and i have to keep kicking her out. Had just watches her but i don't want her in my room period. today she was on the dresser beneath Had on the window sill and i grabbed her by the scruff of her neck, put her up close to my face and told her that Had may not care if she is here, but i do and i'm a bigger b*t*h than she is and dropped her outside my doorway. Had my be willing to back down, but mama kitty will listen to me, even if she isn't my cat. and daniel doesn't care. he gave me permission to do that if she was doing something she isn't supposed to be doing.
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