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What's ok...

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Hey Everyone,
I was wondering if there is a list of ok things to give your cats. Sorta like a kitty cook book maybe???

I'm always making my dogs (and friend's/siblings dogs), doggy dishes and desserts. I also make treats for many of my other animals.

I now have two cats, my brother has two and a friend of mine has three. I'd love to learn what ingrediants are ok, good, and healthy to give to cats.

Any info would be GREAT!

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Hmm, we have one for dogs on my dog forums, but I haven't seen one here yet... That would be a good thing to have, especially if you were wanting to play around with recipes...
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It seems that if it is meat of any sort it's fine. For example, eggs are great for their coat. Tuna, chicken, ect. I would really try and keep to meat items unless you know for sure that it's safe for cats. My in-laws cat got a hold of meatballs that had unions in them and died shortly after. I'm not sure if unions are deadly, but I sure wouldn't test it.
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I wonder if it's safe to feed them chicken now that the chickens have been fed the contaminated pet food?
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i belive onions are not so good to give to cats. no cheese , a lot of dairy products are not good for them , i know there is one type of yougurt that is ok to give . but not sure which one. sorry i cant be of more help.
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Onions, garlic, chocolate and avocado are all highly toxic for cats...I'm sure that there are probably more but I can't think of them.
Plain yogurt is good in small amounts occasionally...Umm... Egg yolk is safe raw, I think whole egg is okay cooked?
I'm going to stay away from chicken and pork for awhile just in case but I read somewhere on the forums that muscle meat is safe just don't feed organs.
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Onions are dangerous to cats. Here's a list of plants that are toxic to cats: http://www.cfainc.org/articles/plants.html

I would think any kind of meat or fish is okay. Small amount of cheese or yogurt make good treats, if they don't upset your cat's tummy. Many adult cats are lactose intolerant, but not all.

Some vegetables are safe too, like pumpkin, sweet potato, carrots, and peas. I've heard that some cats love asparagus(!) I myself have a cat who likes tomatoes and olives.
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Thank you for the replies.

I'm making a list, so your postings are NOT being wasted . If anyone else has more to add please post it.

Don't worry, I always do lots of research before making dishes or treats for my pets. In the past, I have also gotten some vets oppinion on some things.

Thanks a ton!
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Here is a list of foods that you should not feed your cat

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