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Due to popular request:

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Okay one request in my guestbook but meh it's a request . I have posted some more images of Suki in the photo section of my Geocities webpage. I've also added some pictures of my Mums' cats on the guest cats page. I'll be adding more soon just as soon as I get round to it. If you want your cat to be on the website drop me an e-mail and some snaps and I'll be glad to put them up Oops I may need a second account, lol.

Whoever posted in my guestbook, thanx
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I will have to check out your site again, soon to see the new pics you added! Thanks for letting us know!
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There will be more And thanx for signing the guest book. I need to get some more pictures, and maybe when I get some time set up a proper website, free from the constraints of Geocities.

Thanx for looking
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Hey BuNN, does your mother post on this site too? I'm sure I've seen those cute fluffy kitten pics on your site, here too?

(Or am I imagining things as usual)?
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The fluffy kitten is Lulus', she's a forum user, I hosted them for her and linked the images to the forums here (that's where you saw them). The other cats on the guest page are my mums. She has 7 cats, all of which she loves to bits

Thanx for visiting
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Great site BuNN, and gee's, some of those pics of Suki could be Bod!! Especially the one of just her face, kinda squished up!! I swear I have the exact same photo!!!

Adn your Mums cats are gorgeous too... as is the little fluff ball!!
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Nice pics of Suki! And no, I'm not biased
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Thanx to everyone who posted in the guest book. Much appreciated. I'm going to get more kitty pictures soon, probably of Suki but if you guys can send some I'd love to have some more guest kitties

BTW the images on the site can be used by anyone so just grab them if you want them.
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Well Bunn you asked for it, I sent you a "few" pics
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'bout time too

I'm about to check my spam mail so I'll get them uploaded before din dins

Thanx for the pics.
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I just uploaded the images you sent me And your cats are just lovely. I haven't put descriptions on yet as I'm going to have to add a new page in order to do it, but no biggy only takes a minute

Anyway everyone can see Bodlovers kitties here

Click on the link to the left (You can't miss it).
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Hee hee!!! Thanks Bunn!!! They're great and don't worry about descriptions, I only put them just in case

Fame and glory for my furbabies at last!! Alllthouuuugh, I did notice I forget to send you one... the best one of Pip... I'll send it now, its too cute!
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Hehe, I'll raid my inbox now

I'm going to register the website with Google soon so it'll get more hits And your kitties will be even more famous!
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Hoorah!! :laughing:
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Bod - they're little stars!!

Is that Bod dressed in black? What are all the others - as they don't have names by them, I don't know which is which!!!
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I've moved Bod to his own page as the pictures were slightly larger than the others. I've also tidied the display up a bit.

thanx again to everyone whose signed the Guest Book
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HAHA!! Bunn!! The page looks excellent!! Thankyou so much!! And Bod deserves his own page really... just beacuse....

Yola, Yep the All black guy with his own page is Bod, the grey and white fluffy guy is Merle, the other black boy is Monty(Cornish Rex) the really big guy - the yawning one, is Ash my Maine Coon, the little tabby is Pip and the mostly all white one is Brandy my Birman who passed away.

I have two other cats Shandy (who is exactly the same as Merlot, borther and sister) and Truffle is a chocolate tortie Persian cross.... but I can't get pics of those two little misses!!
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Suki decided it would be interesting to see what my right hand was doing under the table, I was using the mouse and she want to join in!
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Well, if you WILL insist on playing with a mouse.....
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I've been told I'll go blind.....something to do with me staring at the monitor :o
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AHEM! Yeah, the monitor... yeah...
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