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Jade is a "rotten lil brat"

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OK. Jade has a few behavioral issues.
  1. She bites
  2. She attacks feet
  3. She doesn't like to be held(which isn't much of an issue for me)
  4. She no longer poops in her LB

I set up a big kitty litterbox with a "step" for her to get into it. I put Cat Attract in the box, so that is how I am approaching that problem. The not being held isn't a problem for me, but people expect bottle babies to be "cuddly". Jade wants to sit on your shoulder or bite you. The biting....now that is a HUGE issue! I have a bite mark on my cheek from her. Bitter Apple does not work. I tried hissing gently at her, but she flipped out. So, I will never hiss at her again. I tried scruffing her a lil bit & that didn't work....as soon as I released her she'd bite me again. She keeps attacking my feet. I stepped on her a minute ago. Thank god I did not hurt her.

I'm hoping to either get her FeLV tested tomorrow or Tuesday, so she'll be put up for adoption. I have a wonderful couple very interested in her. They feed wet/dry. Are very educated & have 2 male cats. But, she bit them & they were concerned about that.
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I had the same problem(s) with my 3 little brats...Pumpkin, Paisley and Pixel. They were all weaned prematurely although they were not really bottle babies.

When I finally let them play with the big kitties, the problems ceased for the most part. Are any of your adult fur childen suitable playmates? I think I could know the answer already.

As far as the litterbox goes, I fed them in dog crates and let them loose after they emptied their tanks (big crates, with food AND litter...forgot that detail). I think they also learned some litterbox stuff from the boys.
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She isn't FeLV tested yet, so not until I get her tested can she be near mine. I *might* be able to get her tested tomorrow am if there's a tech at the vet's office. Damita or Dory would be OK to her. Molly is questionable. Yeah....Ophelia doesn't get to play with her!

I've got her in the bathroom. It's not all that big....but I have no place to put the crate where she will be away from my other kitties & since she isn't FeLV tested, I don't want her near the others.
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Understandable on all counts.

A bathroom should be almost as good as a crate...I forgot since it wasn't an option for me. So she's in the bathroom and she doesn't poop in the box? She pees in the box? What does she poop on? Are the poops OK now? Wow lots of questions.

I think if Dory or Damita will play with her after she's tested, that should help. I don't know about a quick crash course in proper kitty manners, but I know there were lots of (overly dramatic) screams and whining going on when the little brats played with the big ones. I'm confident that they learned claw retraction, no biting, etc from Beandip and Junior mostly.
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To answer your questions:
So she's in the bathroom and she doesn't poop in the box? Correct. She poops in a corner.
She pees in the box? Correct again! You win a dollar!
What does she poop on? Nothing. The linoleum floor.
Are the poops OK now? They were...ummm....they're looking loose again. But, I gave her a lil bit of a different canned food.
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Thanks for the dollar!

Is she always picking the same corner? Probably not that lucky...no dollar for me . If she was, I would try feeding her in her preferred pooping spot. Hopefully she won't pick a new spot. Hmmm. It's frustrating I know.

Have you tried transfering the poop to the box? I put it in there uncovered or maybe just partially covered...nasty and smelly as it may be.

Has she pooped in the box at all?
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You get another OOWWW!!! She is biting the tar outta me as I type!! The little cuss bites & bites & bites & bites & bites & bites & bites!

OK...back to you...yes you get a dollar. She always poops in the same corner. I tried feeding her there. She moved her food plate to poop there. I gave her a stainelss steel bowl. She pooped in her food. I put the poop in the box. She just eats it out & poops on the floor. I've cleaned the floor...a zillion times.

I've got her on the desk with me & she just seems so desperate for attention! She just whips her lil calico tail all over....and gets mad & tells me off when I try to get her to sit in my lap. She's lonely. And that can cause behavioral issues in adults, why not kittens? I can play all rough & tumble with her & she can play right back!

OW! OW! OW! OW! The biting really needs to stop. No one is going to adopt a cat that bites, let alone a kitten!
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it seems that the biting is the issue. . .is it a teething thing? luxor still chews on toys to get food and stuff out of his mouth.
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Keisha was EXACLY like that. That is such a perfect description on her. I was SO close to getting rid of her, but I didnt' and now she is the perfect cat, and she has totally changed. Except for the part about her being a princess. It just took patience.
Good luck.
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I had a problem where Lucy was rabbit-kicking and biting us and poor Much. I ended up getting her a hedgehog dog toy and let her take her frustrations out on it. So when she got obnoxious, I would intercept with the hedgehog. http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b3...tig/hedgie.jpg

Maybe this will help until she can interact with the older cats who will put her in her place.
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