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Been here 1 year

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It was my official 1year anniversary at TCS yesterday

thanks everyone
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Oh my gosh! Happy aminaversary!

I gotta go check MY date, I joined last May, too! My goodness how times flies when you're having fun!!!

My anniversary is NEXT Friday, LOL. You're all invited to the party!
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Wow! Has it been that long? It doesnt's seem like that long that we haave been ejoying the antics and pics of Miss Moofs.

Music, dancing, and drinks all around!
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No!!!. Weve put up with you for that long Ann?!

I'm joking!!!!

Seriously though i didn't think you'd been with us that long?, i thought it was only a few months. Did you stay hidden for a while?
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It sure doesn't seem like a year to me, either!
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We love having you around!
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YAY!!! Congrats!! My one year was in March
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Chatter box I have been here six months longer than you and look at my post count compared to yours,
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To 1 yr, and many more to come!
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Congratulations! That's definitely a reason to celebrate!
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Thank you for being here!
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WTG Ann! We've had a great time and alot of fun!
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Congrats on the 1 year!

My 2 year is in August!
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It's wonderful to have you here!
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Awww, congrats my dear!! Glad to have you with us
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