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Feeling overwhelmed ladies?

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Here is a very helpful site!

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What a neat site!!! I think there are some tips there that can really help me! I will have to look around more there when I have time...I added it to my favorites list! Thanks for the link, Hissy!
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...and it looks like fun, too!


(And you're another one Mary Anne - how do you find time for ALL of it?)!
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I have to tell you since signing up for their mailing list- my house is actually cleaner and I am motivated to get more things done. I can be sitting at the computer busy working and I get a FLYLADY reminder about a "hotspot" or a room recovery. So I leave what I am working on and go tend to my house and it is really working. I do draw the line on some of the stuff recommended- like tossing out 27 items I no longer use! Our house is not cluttered and most of what we have, we do use or have a use for. But if you sign up for this- just know you will get bombarded through the day with email reminders and you can either get annoyed and delete them, or do what I do and pick and choose and go after the ones that apply.........
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You just don't know how much I needed this site! It is helping me alot. I may even get all the christmas shopping done before the stores become unbearable!

Big hugs!!
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That woman has been in the papers here, she is the wife of the head judge of district court here in my town. She also teaches classes at the local community college here so its quite interesting. She doesnt live in this town but in the next county, in a town named Brevard.
My parents have a cluttered house, from years of accumulation from 7 kids and that was the very website I recommended them LOL. I use her 27 items a day theory for cleaning up and then I stopped for some reason and I know I will need to do it again if I am moving! LOL
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Toatlly off topic-

Hissy, I love your new avatar!

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Thanks Christy- bout time I put that horse out to pasture! LOL I love the eyelashes best! That is Massey, a feral kitty from last year who went on to a wonderful home and now rules the roost!
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