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Pictures that I promised (lots, beware loading)

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Finally got off my lazy bum and got these pics off my camera!! Anyway hopefully they work.

2 days old, and you can see the cord that I didn't manage to snip short enough :x but it came off the next day.

Momma Nyx with her babies!

So cute!! Sleeping in their box!

Anyway, hope you guys liked the pictures. We took Nyx and the kitties to a vet (some random lady there yelled at me and said I needed a bigger box!! Which is understandable... but still ) and the doctors said they were all a-okay.
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Sorry guys, I went over the limit! Here's more!

This is Eris (girl kitty Jim and I are going to keep) lying on top of her brother Butch Butch has been adopted by one of our friends once he gets old enough!

Just a cute Eris picture I had to include.

Another of Eris!! I took too many pictures of her! But she always comes out o the box so it's easiest. Even though she is the shy one!

This is Bigsby, he needs a home Jim and I are going to keep him if nobody around us wants to adopt him, but 3 cats in a single bedroom apartment is going to be pretty tight.

Wah! She's so cute!

This is Butch (the biggest and most adventurous) sitting in the back of the box with Bigsby.

They are always fighting/playing back there. Poor Eris doesn't fight back so I don't see them playing too much with her.


Bigsby again!
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And one more because I'm apparently a putz and can't count.

And again! There's a lot of him because I was trying to entice some of the coworkers to adopt him. (almost worked but not quite)
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Aww... I'd take Bigsby if I could... he's a doll! I love their tiny little ears... so cute!
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The kittens are just precious!
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They are all so cute and Bigsby is a little sweetie pie! I too would take him but I cannot A good home will pop up for him soon!
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What cuties Bigsby is such a gorgeous boy, they are all soo GORGEOUS

U can keep him 3 in an apartment isnt too much, my gram has 3 but her apartment is a 2 bedroom but its still pretty small Luckily she is good friends with the landlord who lets my grams beat the limit of kitties in the apartment

But I hope a good home comes soon, how could any one resist??
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They are all adorable
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Hehe yeah we're only supposed to have Nyx and the fee for keeping a cat is really high (And increases with each one). We definitely didn't tell them about the kittens :x *shhh*

We may have found a home for Bigsby!!! One of the coworkers seemed kind of interested,but then she said she was going to declaw him and I was like :O And I would rather not have that.
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Yes, if she is going to declaw, that would not be a good home. You still have time though so the right person will come Sending good homes vibes!
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I agree that a prospective owner that wants to submit a cat to having the fronts of his toes amputated isn't a good owner. Fortunately declawing is a criminal offence where I live so something like that just isn't an issue here.

How about your friend that's taking one kitten, could they take two? If they don't have any other cats getting two is definately a good idea because they'll play with each other and will probably actually be less work than having just the one cat because they will keep each other company.

If your friend already has an older cat getting two kittens together is also a good idea because otherwise there is danger that the kitten will want to play all the time with the older cat and can really piss off the adult kitty. Two kittens can tire each other out and let the older cat be in relative peace.

Something worth thinking about! anyway the kittens are absolutely adorable and good luck finding a good home for your little one
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The friend who is taking Butch is living with his sister and her family and they already have two cats (well, at least 2, I think) and I think they might have a dog or 2 as well. But he may also move out before the kittens are ready so... I will have to ask Although it looks like Jim and I might end up keeping Bigsby (Jim is starting to get attached to him too)
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What adorable babies! I would take that little Bigsby in a heartbeat - who could be a little brother to Cosmo (when he comes home next month!)- wish you weren't so far away!
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Awww, they are adorable!
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They`re all beautiful!
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