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Fun things to do in Vegas

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My husband is going on a business trip to Vegas, and since I'm going to help out, I get to go too. We leave on Sunday and come back Wednesday night.

I know I want to see the Bodies exhibit... any other ideas? I'd love to see a cabaret or burlesque show that isn't too raunchy (more artsy), but I think hubby might be uncomfortable with that. What is there to do besides gamble and go to strip clubs? I know there is a lot more to do, I just don't know what.
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The Mirage hotel has the Sigfried and Roy Secret Garden - it is a little zoo area with Exotic cats and dolphins, etc. Ethel M Chocolate, I believe that is near the MGM and of course the roller coasters on the hotels!
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Any of the shows should be great but the better ones book up early! Also, go to the freemont street strip (aka: the original strip) and watch the light show. I think it's every hour on the hour after dark. Go see the Hoover Dam .Might be fun to do a second wedding! Have Elvis marry you?! Lots of the hotels have free shows outside too. Off hand there's the water fountain show at the Belagio. There's the pirate show at Treasure Island. I'm sure there' more too. Hmm... thats all I can think of.
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HAVE fun!!! We get to go in July and this will be my first flying experience as well... I am soo excited. I am trying to find things to do there as well.
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i'm going again in june and it's a blast.

my faves:

the rat pack tribute at the greek isles
start trek experience at the hilton
the venetian, just for the experience...maybe dinner and a gondola ride.
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I haven't been in ten years and not sure if these are still there but check out the Coca-cola and M&M places. I loved them
We just walked up and down the strip checking out whatever took our fancy since we didnt have money for the shows. Still had an awesome time
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Originally Posted by catloverin_ks View Post
HAVE fun!!! We get to go in July and this will be my first flying experience as well... I am soo excited. I am trying to find things to do there as well.
Vegas was my first and last time on planes. It was wonderful! Once I gave up the idea that I could control any aspect of the flight, I was able to enjoy it. I loved everything about it.

Oh, take sunscreen! I was there in March and managed to get burned
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Its well worth the money to see one of the Cirque de Soliel shows!!
The fountains at the Bellagio of course are cool to watch.
I agree with the Ethel M chocolate shoppes are a must.
Casears Palace with all the shopping (mainly window shopping!!) I think they have a Wolfgang Puck restaurant there-can't think of name-its a good spot to eat. Margaritaville was ok-the drinks weren't anything special.
Wynn's is supposed to be really cool too.
Bring very comfy walking shoes as you will be walking alot!!
Have fun.
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I saw the Blue Men Group show and that was actually pretty interesting!

I walk into a casino and might as well just write them a check (so no, I don't gamble). I like to sit in the fancier hotels close to the $100 slot machines and watch people lose money $100 at a time. It amazes me the amount of money lost in that place!!

People watching in general is fun. New York, New York is a great place and also has a roller coaster on its roof. The pirate show at Treasure Island is definitely targeting kids - I found it very boring.
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EEE! Elton John is in Vegas now... but I don't have the $100.
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I also recommend the Cirque de Soliel shows! I saw one when I was visiting my sister in San Diego, and hope to catch one of the Las Vegas shows someday (although I understand that the Vegas shows are quite a bit more risqué.) The only time I was in Vegas, I ended up with pneumonia and had to go to the Las Vegas Medical Center. I was amazed...there were slot machines in the waiting room! I had a miserable time. I sure hope to get there someday, be healthy, and have some fun!
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I love Vegas! If you don't get vertigo, go on the Archaeological Ride on the mezzanine at the Luxor - a virtual experience that had me believing I was flying down a long chasm into a pyramid. Caesar's Palace shopping Mall is a must - don't miss the talking statues show. And the Venetian for lunch in St Mark's Square.
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Thanks everyone! I'm getting so excited... I don't know if I'll have time to do everything I want to. Our hotel is across the street from Caesar's Palace.

Hubby and I decided that seeing Penn and Teller should be our top priority.
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Originally Posted by Godiva View Post
EEE! Elton John is in Vegas now... but I don't have the $100.
Shucks!! I wish he would be there in July!! He is soooo incredible in concert!!
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I love the Shark Reef Aquarium, at Mandalay Bay and I always go see the lions at the MGM Grand (sometimes, they have cubs, for petting and pictures).

Circus in the Sky at the Rio is wonderful and their Carnival World Buffet is the best in town.

The Imperial Palace has a fantastic car museum, with many historic cars.

In addition to the Fremont Street Experience, Neonopolis is downtown, too. They have a bunch of the old neon signs, from casinos that don't exist any more.
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Hmmm, I thought what happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas? Shouldn't be any ideas about what to do there....

Have fun!
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The white tigers at the MGM (or was it the Mirage???) were spectacular! I went back two or three times to see them! We had brekkie at Caesar's, which was good and the service is not to be beat. We had dinner at The Top of The World at the Stratosphere and loved that as well. It was our anniversary so they comp'ed us a free dessert! We also enjoyed just walking around out on the street, and stopped at things that hit us as interesting. We saw the Sirens of TI show at Treasure Island (we stayed at TI in a room right above the staging area and I can STILL sing the song almost verbatim!) and enjoyed that. Mostly we sat around the pool and gambled. I like the slots and my husband plays craps. We took about $300 to gamble with and came back winning nearly enough to pay for our trip! I hit a $1500 jackpot and my husband won nearly $2000 (but then lost half of that) at the craps table.

If you DO play the slots, try to pick a machine closest to an exit door at the end of a row. They "hit" more often. And watch the little old ladies. They will sit for HOURS at a machine and won't hit a winner, but when they get up, grab that machine and play it. Chances are you will win. I sat next to a woman who told me about this little tip ... she was playing a video slot machine previously occupied by such a little old lady ... and it paid off for her. She hit a $10,000 jackpot and we were both screaming, jumping up and down like idiots and hugging each other. She gave me $100 just for sitting next to her when she won. *smile*
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Well, I had a blast, guys! I didn't have nearly enough time to do everything we wanted to, but his boss paid for what we did do, so it's all good. We saw Elton John, Cirque's Zumanity (a circus/cabaret/burlesque show--hubby and I got to sit on a couch in the front row!! it was very romantic and sensual), and the Bodies exhibit. His boss also managed to get a hold of some special green candy. It was very good. His boss is amazing... possible the nicest guy I've ever met, even nicer than my own husband! And that's rare!

I only gambled two bucks, and lost it all. I spent all my cash on cab rides to and from the conference center and when my feet started to hurt from walking the strip too much.

Hubby and I are definitely going back if and when we get the money... we missed the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, a lot of the nice restaurants, the tiger shows and exhibits, the guy with the trained cats, and Penn and Teller... but we had such a good time. It was kind of cool to be able to have a cigarette and champagne while window shopping (I only smoke when I drink).

I don't get the whole "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" thing. I didn't do anything differently than I did at home... except that a show like Zumanity would never be shown here, although there are a few small theatres that might do that kind of thing.
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I went horseback riding in Red Rock Canyon - real cowboys take you out, then there is a cookout afterward - great big steaks. Reasonable cost, too. You can find info on it in the hotel.

Make sure you get a chance to experience the sunset from the top of the Statosphere tower - it is amazing and something you'll always remember, seeing the sun set over the mountains and the strip start lighting up.

Shopping at the Caeser's Palace Forum Shops is a must - and if you like iMax rides, then you HAVE to do the "Race to Atlantis" located in the forum shops - it is AWESOME!!! I've been there about 6-7 times, and I have to do the race every single time I go!

Edit: Oh, man - I just realized you've been and gone, and my advice comes too late!!

Oh well, I'm glad you had fun anyway!!!
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