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My cats window scratching

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This my first post as i have never joined any cat sites as me and my cat always have had a good relationship, so i will take this time to thank anyone who takes the time to read and answer my question.

Recently i have moved to a new house, my cat took to the new house with confidence and after 3 days was out exploring and coming in and out like nothing had changed But.....

To get our attention she needs in she climbs the windows using the inside of the double glazing rubber as somewhere to get her claws in meowing her heart out (we let her in always instantly). In the old house we never noticed as no damage was being incurred but in the new house she is destroying them (they are wooden). I am panicing because when my partner eventually spots what she is doing :-(

A cat flap is not a viable option. Does anyone know a way of discouraging my cat from doing this. I was thought of spraying her with water but i think this will be cruel and discourage her from coming home. I have never had her claws trimmed by a vet as she is an outdoor cat, would this help?

Any help would be most appreciated.
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Hello, welcome. Sorry about your situation. You could try just not letting her out, I can't thing of anything else, sorry.

Maybe someone else will have better info.
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Hi and welcome to TCS.

As she is an inside-outside cat, she definitely needs her claws sharp, so she can claw her way up a tree or along the top of a fence if another animal (like a dog or unfriendly cat) is chasing her. Can you put a long piece of wood or metal over the rubber to cover it?
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Try double sided tape on the areas she's damaging. You'll probably have to do this a few times when it loses stickiness, but they *hate* the fact that it's sticking to their paws. It might only take a week or two, but just put it where you don't want her to tap at, and if she's encouraged to tap somewhere else, and finds that she gets let in there, (especially if you're diligent about letting her in immediately) she'll probably reassess her tactics.

I think I would try to teach mine to ring a bell (a regular bell, not a doorbell) or something that made noise when she batted it. If you hear that and open the door asap, then she gets the idea that ringing or tapping said object opens the door. I'm thinking one of those reindeer harnesses that have the big jingle bells on them, or even just going to the store and getting some larger jingle bells and put them on something that won't deteriorate might work. Maybe try hanging it from the door handle so that when the door opens, it jingles? I think she might associate that.

That's my only idea and I know one of my mother's cats when I was growing up did that. He rang the jingle bells when he wanted in. But I'd definitely try the double sided tape.. of course, it might be a little bit of inconvenience, but it really does work pretty well from my experience in getting them to not "touch" something.
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