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Help Please!!

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I used to have a profile on here years ago, and everyone was so helpful, so I come to you again..

My cat, Baxter ran away from home!!
He is declawed on all four paws, and he has been a house cat since he was born, he hates being outdoors, even if it's just in the garden. He has never stayed outside for more then an hour, and now he has been gone for 3 days! I am very worried, he is pure black, and he his contact ID is not on him at the moment. The only ID he is wearing is state registration.

I don't know what to do, I have called the humane society, and all the vet hospitals, but outside of that I am lost.

Thanks in advance.
-Lacey & Baxter
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Hello and welcome back...I'm sorry for the circumstances.

I don't have much experience with this situation, but I have heard many times that lost indoor cats are often found very close to their house...usually hiding somewhere nearby.

I have also heard that sprinkling some of the cat's used kitty litter around the house might help him find his way.

I'm sure that others will be around with some good tips. I hope you're able to find Baxter soon.
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I'm so sorry to hear the bad news. I would post fliers up everywhere. Offer a reward, that usually sparks people's interest. Make sure you mention specific traits, like being declawed on all fours, since there are probably alot of black cats out there. Keep calling around and I've heard that the best time to look for the cat is early in the morning. Not sure if this is true or not, but its worth a try.
Good luck.
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I've heard that, too. Around 2 or 3 am, I think, before people start stirring...I have also read about the dirty litter, too- also good for indoor/outdoor cats at a new home, too, so I'd give it a try . I hope he comes home soon!
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I have posted dozens of fliers, does anyone know how far to go with them? Mostly we just put them around the neighborhood. Also I put out his cat little around both the doors, how far into the yard do I need to sprinkle it?

I miss my baby so much.
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Hello and Welcom to TCS! Or should I say Welcome Back!?!?!

Is there any way you could leave a door open at night so that way if he finds his way home-- he can also find his way into the house? Or maybe try something along those lines....

Did you put some of his food out by the door- that way if he gets hungry he can find the food and know he's home?

Yes, I agree with leaving kitty litter outside.. so he smells his own scent!

Ummm.... I don't really know what else to tell you except keep checkin in with all animal shelters in your area- I personally would be calling every day or so just because I would want to know if he was there or not!

Hopefully someone with more experience in this department will come along and give you some better advice.

Good luck, and don't give up!
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We can't leave the door open, because I have a toddler son, who has learned hot to open "baby" gates.I have put food out, but it's been storming really bad around here, so it just gets wet...

I always knew how important he was to our family, but I miss him so much it is ridiculous.
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Borrow a humane trap becuase if he is scared, he could be right there hiding in your yard just too scared to respond to his own name. Get a trap and put his favorite food in it, some dirty litter around it and cover the back of the cage with a blanket so it seems like a safe place. Then leave it overnight and see fi you catch him.

good luck!
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One of our neighbors children had him in their house, which is why we didn't see him around, they took wonderful care of him, and we are so greatful that he is back and safe! Thank you all for all your help and encouragement!
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That's wonderful!
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