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The FBI investigating the LAPD

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The FBI has announced that they will open and investigation into the LAPD's handling of the immigration rally.
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From what I've been hearing on the radio tonight the whole incident began when the police instructed a group of journalists to move from where they were standing and it snowballed from there with an officer being struck and people throwing rocks and stuff at them. I don't know how accurate that is so don't quote me on it.
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we must have been watching the same news. i was also hearing that there were masked gang member, that where trying to provoke the police .

this is going to make the KKK go look they can wear masks so can we.
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Both sides agree that there were agitators there that just wanted a confrontation with the police....but once they had them on the run, the video of the police shoving people that actually were dispersing, and thwacking that camerawoman from behind as she was walking away seemed pretty uncalled for to me. And tactics for using rubber bullets is to aim at the legs, they had people with impact welts as high as their shoulders.

I'm of mixed feelings on this, practically un-opinionated. The police were pressed to take action, but once they did, it appeared that there were more than a few that didn't know when to quit. It looked like a small band of officers losing their tempers, not a departmental action.
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well, like the kent state things, the group pushed pushed pushed then once they get a response, they want to cry,look he hit me they got what they asked for. I have never heard of shooting them in the leg, i always saw where center mass even with rubber bullets.

as for the press , as cold as this sounds, i do not care,
lol wow, am i defending the police now that is a shock for me

but i do agree, it does look like there was a group that did go over the edge.
but do you do ? you push people and in time you will get a response
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I KNOW the police got out of hand, but so did the protesters. I find these immigration rallies a bit crazy in the first place. We are talking about ILLEGAL'S demanding the same rights here as American Citizens. They would HAVE them, if they came to this country legally. I, as an American Citizen am quite offended by them, although it's not politically correct to be so. To be Politically correct, we are just supposed to smile, let them come into the country, suck our resources dry, and offer them all of the rights that we who were born here, or immigrated legally to this country get.

Then they have their bloody rally and taunt the police, whenever they can. Then the Police go a little bezerk and start pelting everyone is sight with rubber bullets. However, it will be the police who will get the short end of the stick with the FBI, because we are just supposed to let the illegal immigrants get away with whatever they want. To be politically correct we must treat them BETTER than American Citizens.
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The whole thing would probably already be halfway to "blown over" by now if it had not been several reporters and camera crew getting thwacked as well. The cable news channels, especially the ones that had camera crews there, are refusing to let it die. Heck, they won't even let it rest a minute. They are working this story harder than Annie Nicole and Aruba Natalie put together.
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Originally Posted by Skippymjp View Post
The whole thing would probably already be halfway to "blown over" by now if it had not been several reporters and camera crew getting thwacked as well. The cable news channels, especially the ones that had camera crews there, are refusing to let it die. Heck, they won't even let it rest a minute. They are working this story harder than Annie Nicole and Aruba Natalie put together.
The news crews that got into the middle of this were from Spanish TV channels, and they were PRO the crowd to begin with. I'm not saying what the Police did was right, but crowd did incite the incident and the Police over reacted. Some of the marchers started moving out onto the street, when it was supposed to remain in the park. The Police tried to get them to go back into the park and off of the street, at which point a bunch of marchers started forming a solid line, and began to march toward the Police. That is when things got out of hand. The marchers started throwing things, rocks, cans, whatever at the Police, and the Police started firing rubber bullets. Then the Police started pitching any and everyone who was in their way. Yes, some cameramen and news reporters from one of the Spanish Speaking TV stations got shoved around in the mele as well. Yes, I do think the Police did over react, but I'm sure they felt threatened by the unruly crowd. Probably they could have just let the marchers do as they wished, and let them take over that area of the city. They could have let them vandalize the businesses in the area, and burn cars, and hurt innocent pedestrians in the area. But, that wouldn't have gone over very well with the media either. They were in a no win situation. They were out numbered by the crowd, and the crowd was getting crazy. It only takes a few bad apples to ruin it for the rest of them, and to incite a riot.

The TRUTH is, if the crowd had obeyed the rules, there would have been no riot.
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You know, I've never been a mayor before, so I don't know much about mayor'ing. But don't you think you should wait for at least 1 investigation to be completed before you started promising to punish "guilty officers"
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If a police officer loses his or her temper during such a situation then they are not fit to serve. Hitting journalists with a baton isn't on- if the journalist involved was inflamming the situation then they should have been arrested and charged- using violence in this manner is not new for the LAPD and I hope the officers involved are serverely reprimanded

I find it strange defending journalists myself
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I find it hard to defend members of the LAPD, myself, but I do in this case. Yes, they are not the best Police Dept, and unfortunately I have to live in this city. But, I also know how much the illegals HATE them, and I know that they will do ANYTHING to incite them. I would say the Journelists involved didn't get out of the way, when this all started. I'm sure they COULD have, and I'm sure they were in the Officers way, when the officers tried to control the the crowd. I know I would have removed myself from it, had I been there covering it. I wouldn't have stayed there in the thick of things when it was starting to get violent. One thing you'll notice, is that the only Journalists who got hurt were from Spanish language TV, not from our English speaking TV channels.

Listen, I KNOW things aren't fair, here. But I also know that in this situation I DO believe the Police were merely there to control the crowd, for the protection of the innocent citizens of the city. I don't think any officer should be expected to stand by and allow a crowd of people to charge them, and then to pelt them, when they are just trying to keep them in line. They had a peaceful rally that same morning in Downtown LA. There were no problems until the rally that afternoon in McArthur Park, where the crowd decided to become unruly.
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