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New Opie pix!

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Being so laid-back, Opie doesn't often do something to take pictures of. However, he cannot resist a skillet that has had bacon fried in it! (We won't show these pictures to my mother. She'd have another stroke!)
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Another angle.
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ha ha, I hope that pan is cold!
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Who can resist the bacon pan? LOL!!!! (BTW, what a cutie! Scritches from me!)
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Opie's a smart boy - he waited until the pan was cool.

As I said earlier, we are NOT going to show this picture to Mom. My parents are coming over for Christmas dinner and if Mom knows that I let the cats on the kitchen counters, she won't come!

This is the same woman who lets a dog at the table to lick HER plate, after dinner.
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Cute picture

Glad I am not the only one who hides it from their parents that the cats occasionally get on the kitchen counters.

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Silly kitty! At least he waited until the pan was cold. We always used to pour bacon grease on the dog's food as a special treat. Guess Ike doesn't get that one!
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Damn a bacon pan eh? They love the taste of fat from a pan

Hehe, Suki walks on the counters, if people don't like it, relatives or not they needn't come again
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Cute pics!
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Hee hee!! What great pics!!!
Just the other day I was baking some cakes, I greased a tin with butter and put it on the counter behind me (we have a small kitchen, no surface sapce! ARGH!) and carried on making the mixture up... I heard a weird noise coming from behind me, and there was Bod with his head in the tin licking all the butter off!!! Needless to say, I had to use another tin..
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Aw, Bodlover, a little kitty spit never hurt anything! Besides, it might turn out to be your "secret ingredient" that makes your cakes special!
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Hmm good point, maybe I'll keep the tin next time!! :laughing: A "secret" ingredient!!
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Ohhhh... on the counter.... (I'm telling!!!)

My counters are covered in double-sided masking tape!
(very classy I tell you!!)

LOL - your pics made me laugh!
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