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How about some doggie adoption vibes?

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Hey guys, can I request some dog adoption vibes? Not for me (though I'd love to have a dog), but for my brother and his family. They lost their beloved yellow lab, Max, last summer at the age of 12 and it was absolutely devastating for my brother. I can't tell you how much he loved that dog. They also lost their elderly cat, Samantha, around the same time. That was equally hard on them. They've since adopted two rescued kittens, but my brother hasn't been able to talk about Max or even thing about adopting another dog, until now.

I got word yesterday of a young rescued male lab, already neutered, extremely gentle with kids, who was bound for the kill shelter on Monday if no one wanted him. So, I called my SIL who was ready to jump in the car and drive several hours to rescue the dog. She's a little impulsive. I convinced her to talk to my brother first and, to our surprise, he's open to adopting the dog. My SIL called about him this morning and found out one family has already been to see the dog and is undecided and another is coming tonight. My SIL told the person caring for the dog that
they would be very interested if the other families don't work out. So, we're
on hold until tomorrow.

Obviously, I think my brother's family could give the dog the best home, but the main thing is that this sweet boy has several people interested him and will be saved from the shelter. So, could you guys send some vibes that my family is able to adopt the dog if it's meant to be and, if not, that he at least goes to a loving forever home? Even if it doesn't work out, I'm glad my brother now feels like he's ready to open his heart to another dog.

Thanks, guys!
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{{{vibes}}} comin' your way!! I really hope they get him!
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Adoption vibes coming your brother's way!

Sounds like he has made room in his heart for another doggie. That's great!
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Doggie vibes coming to your brothers way from me.

Even if he is not able to adopt this dog there is special doggie out there just waiting for him and his family.

I wish them all the best!
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Good luck to your family, who I'm sure would be ggreat with this dog. Keep us updated.
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Of course we'll send adoption vibes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know, if he does find another loving home this weekend...there are young labs who end up in shelters almost daily. It won't take much effort on your sister/brother's part to find another great friend to adopt...they seem to be everywhere, unfortunately.

I sure hope your brother can get this sweetie, however. Perhaps it will help heal his heart a bit over time to have another friend.
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Many adoption vibes coming thier way!!! {{{ }}}

Please keep us updated
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Thanks, guys. Another family that expressed their interested in the lab first ended up adopting him. That's good news, though. The main thing is that this sweet boy has home.

At least this has my brother thinking about adopting another dog. It doesn't have to be lab. He and my SIL would be open to any dog that would do well with the kids (and the cats). I think this whole thing was also prompted by the fact that my other brother and his family adopted a rescued gold retriever, named Carlos, a couple of months ago. He's been such a blessing to their family and has made Tom realize how much he misses having a dog around.

It will happen when the time is right.
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I know the right dog will find them, Eileen!

As a side note...too bad you don't do dogs, too....then you could be the doggie fairy!
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