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Just crashed my Bf's car!!!!! Oh no!

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I am seriously not having a good day. Just crashed my boyfriends car, hes not going to be happy with me! Just got back form the vets too where paid a nice big bil. Now i am going to have more big bills, oh no
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Oh no! I'm so glad you are ok though!
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I'm glad you're ok!

I know how you feel with the bills. In the last 2 days I've spent $600 between the eye doctor and the vet.
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Glad your ok......

Sorry about the vet bills. I can totally relate!
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He can always replace his car.
BUT he can not replace YOU!!!

Glad your ok
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The important thing is that you are OK. As said earlier by others, a vehicle is replaceable, you are not. So glad you're OK. (Don't worry too much about the vehicle, it will all sort itself out).
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Just start out by saying..."I'm ok" or tell him you are hurting and then he can't get to angry with you.
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Oh no!! That does suck for sure...I am glad your okay though..Was it a big accident?
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uh oh...can you ummm go to the rental place and rent one that looks just like his old one until it gets fixed
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I'm ok thanks, no wasn't a huge accident, but big enough to make a huge hole in the car!! He was actually really understanding and hid his annoyance pretty well. He's glad i'm ok. ONe of my friends was killed in a car accident 2 years ago so i think we all understand how serious it can be now! We are a car down now though anyway as i just sold mine. Getting a new van for my pet caring business soon though, so its just an incentive to start car/van shopping a bit sooner!!!!
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I'm glad that he was so understanding and that you are ok.
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I am glad that you were ok, you can always buy another car, but you can't buy another you.
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