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Our Press Release Arrives!

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Many many many many furry purry hugs and thanks to Laurie for her wonderful talent in putting this together! Thank you so much Laurie, you have no idea how thrilled Anne and I are that you offered to do this. I guess you can say, thanks to you- we have arrived on the Internet!

Meowhoo.com Press Release
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Great press release! Even Earl, who is also a webmaster, was really impressed with the numbers you had in the first month. When Anne has a good idea, it's a REALLY good idea!!
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Mary Anne - Thanks for the kind words! But like I said - I didn't write it, I just re-organized what was already written. And you and Anne did all the work to make it happen!!!!

BTW - can you tell us how many people have decided to pick up the story?
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Fantastic ladies! you all did a great job on that site and I am so happy that now everyone will know where to go for cat things!!!!!
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What a great press release! I wasn't aware of the numbers either till I read it!!! Laurie you did a great job with it!!!

Anne and MaryAnne, you have both done an amazing job with that site!!!! I am so impressed!!!! And so very happy for you that it is going so well!!! It is a definite success!!!!!!!!!

Great job guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wow! Look at those numbers. Very good job and congrats!

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That was very well done! I hope that alot of papers pick it up around the world!
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