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Juliet update

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I figured this girl is special enough that she deserves her own thread. Last night before bed, she was slowly showing signs of improving. She was breathing easier and I got a lot of pedialyte in her and then a small amount of formula. I went to bed around midnight and set my alarm to go off every hour or so... each time I woke up I expected the worst. The first time I woke up she ate a little bit, I changed her water bottles, and went back to sleep. I woke up the second time and she appeared to be having seizures... she was shaking and twitching. I stayed awake and watched her as long as I could keep my eyes open, and set my alarm for half an hour. When I woke up again, I really expected her to be gone... but she was still alive, still twitching but wanted to eat... she ate a very little bit. I woke up once more and tried to feed her and the twitching has stopped and again she ate a tiny bit. Then I woke up just a little while ago to get John ready for work and she ate a LOT of formula! She fell asleep while nursing, so I changed her water bottles and put her back in her box. Right now she's looking a little weak again though, so I'm still not expecting her to make it through the day... but then again, we didn't expect her to make it through last night either.
We have decided that if she does indeed make it, her name will be Phoenix for the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

She is certainly a little fighter. Please keep sending her some get well vibes, she seems to be responding to them!
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Sending lots of positive thoughts for the little fighter juliet.
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sending lots of healthy vibes for this little one and of course her litter mates. your doing such a wonderfull job with these little ones.
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Little Juliet has lost her fight. I fed her and she ate a pretty good amount, and then I went out to feed the horses. When I came back in, she was gone. RIP sweetie, you put up a good fight.
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Oh no! I'm so sorry she didn't make it, but I know you did all you could.

Rest in peace sweet baby.
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Oh, no I am so sorry!! RIP sweet little one.
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So sorry. Sleep sweetly little Juliet.xx
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I'm so sorry to hear this. Thank you for taking care of her.

RIP Juliet
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Ahh little Juliet. You did everything humanly possible for this little one, bnwalker2. Thank you.
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im so sorry , but you did everything you could do for this little one. RIP sweetie.
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oh no ! bless sweet Juliet, she certainly was loved and cared for

RIP little one
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