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Munchkin's Better!!!!

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Munchkin is acting like a happy healthy cat! Her stool is back to normal, and we are past the worst!!!! We had to give her a different round of medication today, and the whole crew will need another follow-up in two weeks - but phew! We were so worried for a while. Gary didn't get much sleep this week... what a sweetheart.

The best news is - she doesn't have Giardia! The Vet was concerned about that - and now we know!


Here's a pic of Lazlo and Munchie - she wanted to curl up with him for an afternoon nap (notice the dominance of cat related items about!):
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...and Lazlo decided to give her a bath. :tounge2:
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What cute furkids! You can never have too many cat things laying around (or at least that's what Ivo keeps telling me!).

I'm glad to hear Munchie is better. I know what a pain roundworms can be. She looks like she's recovered quite well!

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What adorable pictures!!!! I am so glad Munchkin is better!!!! I was not able to keep up with what was going on with her like I wish I could have, because I wasn't online for a few days, but I am so glad to hear she is doing well now!!!!! **HUGS**
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I just looked at these pics again today, and Laurie, you HAVE to submit the second one to the Caption This forum!

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They are so cute! I am glad Munchkin is better, she looks so precious.
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I'm so happy to hear she is all better. What a horrible scare that was for all of you.

Christy, I was thinking the exact same thing about that second pic. Definitely Caption This material!!
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Yea! Maybe we should call Munchkin "Mighty Mite" now! Our little survivor.
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So glad Munchkin is okay. Precious cat baby with precious name.
Mom to Jessie, Nikkie, Luckie, Lady, Sammy & Sassy Bear
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Jeanie - how cute! I think we should "re-christen" her Munchkin Mighty-Mite (it'll just sound like she got married and kept her name too! LOL!)
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The pictures are soooo cute, and I'm glad Munchkin is doing better!
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Thanks Lorie! Christy & Heidi - I sent it to Anne!

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Here I am, late as usual, those pics are so adorable! I'm glad you put on into the caption forum.
I am also relieved to hear that Munchie is doing better. She apparently had you both and Lazlo helping her along the roundworm journey.(or should I say Dr. Lazlo? )
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Well, we've had a bit of a setback. Munchie's eyes started running a bit about two days ago. Yesterday her left eyelid looked a little lazy. We didn't want to believe she was getting sick with a different problem, but... she threw up last night. And she wouldn't eat this morning. And now her nose is running. So she must have been nurturing an upper respiratory infection that has now set in.

I guess we'll have to give her antibiotics. Such a shame since we just got the diarrhea under control.

Poor little girl! But the funny thing is, she's still so playful! She hears that mouse with the little shakey things inside of it and comes running. She's so darn cute! (And my goodness is she soft!!!!!!!!)
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Poor little Munchkin! I so hope she is well soon. Enough is enough for a baby that young!
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Well, Jeanie, we feel SO guilty each time we look at her. We left her outside to fend for herself for too long, and the poor baby is paying for our mistake. Our hearts ache. I'm just so glad she's inside with us now! She is SO daddy's little girl - and neither of the other cats is jealous. They're more loving since we brought her in - and Lazlo has taken over the role of Mom. It's just too cute. He gets pissed every once in a while and swats her, but she just bounces right back.

She is just so tolerant of everything - taking pills, being brushed, watched while in the litterbox, CONSTANTLY having her feet and bum cleaned when she had diarrhea, cleaning her eyes and nose... being hassled by Shelly (our equivalent of a "middle" child!)...she just has the sweetest disposition. I don't know why we can't catch it on the camera!

We love our little Munchie, and we sure hope she's ALL better soon!!! Thanks for your good wishes. We agree!
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Laurie, With you and Gary taking care of her, it should just be a matter of time. We know you can't take in the whole colony!! You're doing beautifully.
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Awww the poor little love. I guess her system is just a little weak and she catches things easy at the moment. But never mind, under your excellent care she will be better and strong again in no time!
Great pictures by the way...very cute!
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Oh no! I am so sorry to hear this!!!! The poor little thing! I hope she gets better soon! Sending prayers her way!
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Oh Darn it!!!! I was just about to do lots of happy jumping smilies for Munchies recovery.. and now this!! Poor little baby!! But you are doing everything you can for her, and I'm sure she knows it.

I hope she makes another speedy recovery!!

The pics are just adorable by the way... faaaabulous!!!! She's just such a cutie!! (as is Lazlo of course!)
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Munchie is one lucky little kitty to have you and Gary loving her! I am so glad the other cats are doing better with her. I am still sending get healthy vibes her way!
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