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Carly looking pretty

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Carly really likes to pose for the camera

Here she is on her scratching post:

And helping me with the new lamp.
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Awe what a cutie, and she suree loooves posing! She is such a cutie, and I love her markings
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Awww bless here lol
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She sure is sitting pretty!
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Isn't it funny how they can practically balance on a quarter?!
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What a sweet face that beautiful girl has
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She has that "martyr" expression, I think. Probably comes in handy after getting whacked by Lucy.
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Very Pretty!
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Somebody got a tiffany lamp...

Carly is so pretty! She looks very peaceful.
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Carly has a sweet face! I love girl kitties, their so sentimental and girly, always wanting to help their moms.
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Carly looking really pretty and a very clever kitty sat on top of that post
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OMG LOVE that face in the first pic
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