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Got a new kitten

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I got a new 6 week old kitten monday night and at first he wasn't eating but I got him eating wet food and slowly introduced dry food. He now eats dry food straight and drinks water regularly. The problem is he has not done his business since I got him. I have a litter box setup waiting for him but he hasn't even tried to use it. I understand he might not know how to use it but he hasn't gone to the bathroom period. Not even on my clean carpet or anything.

I know some other cats where he came from might have had worms so theres a good chance he has them too since he did have fleas. I'm taking him to the vet tomorrow since I just brought him back to my hometown (I'm a college student) and I know a good place to take him here.

I'm wondering would worms have to do with him not going to the bathroom???? I'm afraid to feed him anymore if he's not going...

Great site, thanks!
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He deffinately needs to see a vet Ive heard of kittens not going to the bathroom for the first day so that they get used to their new environment...but he is really young...kittens really shouldnt go to their new homes any earlier then 8wks and even then it is best to wait until 12 wks if possible...I hope all is well with him. Keep us posted!
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Hi and welcome to TCS.

6 weeks is very young for a kitten to be away from his mum. The ideal age is 10-12 weeks. I am willing to bet that he is toiletting, just not in his litter pan. Get down on your hands and knees and crawl around your whole house. Look in corners and under furniture.

Having worms may cause diarrhoea, but not constipation. It's great you're taking him to the vet for a check-up.
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Since he's SOOO young - should be 10-12 weeks old minimum, then confine him to one room with the litter pan - like the bathroom. At 6 weeks old, they are just learning how to eat solid food and how to use the pan. They will make mistakes for a few more weeks. Also you might want to put out more then one pan till he gets older - usually if they are playing, they can't hold it if they have to go - and that's the problem with letting them have too much freedom at a very young age.
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Hey everyone, thanks for the replies. I had never raised a kitten before and was told by a friend that 6 weeks was the age when they could be given away.

After coming back onto this site I realized 6 weeks is too young but I have good news. A few hours after posting this when I was fixing to go to bed he used the litter pan like a champ. I was so relieved because I was starting to get worried about him. Being only 6 weeks old he is adjusting just fine. In fact I had him at my school apartment and took him on a 2 and half our drive back home for the weekend where he was introduced to my other 2 year old cat and older dog. He seems to be running the show...he's not afraid of them and they're warming up to him after a day. He's going to be staying with me at school but since I'm moving back home for the summer to earn some cash he will live with my other dog and cat for the summer. I'm keeping a close eye on them all and besides a few light smacks by my cat everything is going fine.

Any thoughts or comments welcome.
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Good news that he used the pan. Do you have a picture of him?
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Such a great smile.
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oh my goodness! This little guy is going to be quite the character. He is adorable!
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wow! what a beauty!

he looks so happy! (maybe becuase he used the litter pan and got so much praise lol!)

Good luck with settling him in
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Aww, what a sweetie!!
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He is ADORABLE! He looks very mature for 6 weeks as well! ENJOY!!!!
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Oh he is a cutie!
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What a cutie.
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Wow! He is so CUTE!
He has such a big smile too!
I also like his markings, it look like he has mittens on int the picture (the white on his front paws).

He's a cutie!
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