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So....they say the latest is CROSS-CONTAMINATION. Does that mean that Menu didn't CLEAN THEIR CRAP UP BEFORE MAKING OTHER FOODS??? Now that is just purely gross/disgusting/unclean alone!!! So I don't think all the blame can be on China!!

But anyway....I coped and pasted this from It is a comment that was left as a response. Pretty darn interesting!!! ::::

I just now copied the below info from, which mftrs pet foods including Walthams (and they own Royal Canin). I find it — ummmm, interesting — that the Mars affiliate in CHINA (yes, it mftrs pet foods there) is named “Effemâ€. Is that as in, “F ‘Em†???

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Effem China
Where we are
Effem China is located in Huairou County, northeast Beijing, about 50 km from downtown Beijing. The mountains provide a very good natural environment and fresh air surrounds the county. Huairou County is famous for its natural landscape including the well-known Mutianyu Great Wall which makes it a popular tour destination.

Effem China also has sales offices in 5 cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang and Chengdu.
What we do
Effem China develops, produces and markets a range of snackfood and pet food products for sale in China (including Hong Kong) and for export to Japan. Our confectionery brands include DOVE, M&M’s, SKITTLES, and SNICKERS and pet food brands include PEDIGREE and WHISKAS.
Effem China has over 500 associates in Huairou and a further 300 sales associates in different cities in China. Recruiting high caliber local talent to spearhead our success in China is one of Effem China’s key business priorities.