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Unacceptable actions of the humane society

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After coming home from work today, I feel I have lost all faith in the humane society. Today a young girl came into the cat hospital where i work, bringing with her her neighbour's cat. The neighbour had moved away, and abandoned the poor thing, which was very ill and in pain, and most likely near death. Trying to help the cat, she took it to the humane society. They turned her away, refusing any kind of help, and sent her directly to our hospital. The girl came in, expecting free medical care or euthanasia and for us to just take the cat. She didn't have any money, not even bus fare to get back home, and had walked very far in the cold to come to us. The humane society did not tell her we were not a charity (although we do a great deal of charity work rescuing local cats). We called the humane society to ask them why they would refuse this poor girl, who was trying to help the cat, and why on earth they would send her to us,and not our local animal services.They refused to answer. We have had enough of this! they are constantly turning away people and animals in need, and sending them to us with no warning! We do not receive funding, we are not a charity, and we cannot afford to help everyone we wish we could! I do not know their rules and regulations, but I thought the whole purpose of the humane society was to help animals in need, not just turn them out in the cold! The girl left before we could call animal services, and as a result her mother has likely tossed the cat out into the cold, which she threatened to do on the phone. Can anyone help me understand why they would do this?
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I have long wondered about the humane title in societies. For example why are most shelters closed on weekends when people could actually get out and adopt an animal and open during the week when people work? How many organizations have been investigated for "mismanagement of funds?" It simply boggles my mind sometimes as they are supposed to help animals and yet they sometimes seem to do just the opposite.

Of course I know there are good ones and bad ones, but why they would turn away this child and her cat simply stuns me. I know that one place near me has started charging $35.00 to drop off an animal at their shelter now. Maybe they just have bit off more than they can chew and they get jaded after awhile and just don't care anymore?

Poor kitty, sounds like a slow death sentence has been thrust upon him.
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I just visited the website of the Humane Society of the United States.
Promoting the Protection of All Animals. (the motto I found.)

About us section:
The human-animal bond is as old as human history. We cherish our animal companions for their unconditional affection and acceptance. We feel a thrill when we glimpse wild creatures in their natural habitat or in our own backyard.
Unfortunately, the human-animal bond has at times been weakened. Humans have exploited some animal species to the point of extinction. Research animals suffer pain and distress in laboratory tests considered necessary for human health or well-being. Animals killed for fur fashions endure unimaginable agony in inhumane traps or on fur "ranches." Animals used by the food industry live on factory farms where they are treated as unfeeling commodities rather than as sentient beings. The use of animal parts for traditional medicines has contributed to the disappearance of some species worldwide.

The Humane Society of the United States makes a difference in the lives of animals here at home and worldwide. The HSUS is dedicated to creating a world where our relationship with animals is guided by compassion. We seek a truly humane society in which animals are respected for their intrinsic value, and where the human-animal bond is strong.

The Humane Society of the United States
2100 L Street, NW
Washington DC 20037

If you believe the national office should be made aware of problems such as the one presented by mellanie, you can reach them at the above address or at www.hsus.org/ace/13728 You will find an email form there where you can express your opinion. The form is quite simple and makes this a very quick process. I hope you will join me in expressing your opinions. If you search under Humane Society, you will find links to many different states and countries.
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Do keep in mind that many of us call local shelters Humane Societies despite the fact that they are in no way associated with THE Humane Society of the U.S. or Canada.

With that in mind, I find the behavior of that shelter horrifying. I feel so awful for that poor girl and for the cat (not to mention for the mother who was so callous).
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These day's it's very hard to decide on which "shelter" to donate to or give time.
Here in New London County, the CT Humane Society has stopped taking dogs and cats in because they lost the ability to euthanize . It has something to do with paperwork, I would imagine it has to do with the vet and the ability to obtain the proper injections. The Humane Society will take cats if you give them the $35.00 and they will tell you a cat will be euthanized if it's ill or older. Mind you, the local animal control only handles dogs, so if you have a stray cat, you really have no options. It makes me sick that short of taking in and caring for a stray cat, they are left to fend for themselves.
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It's heartbreaking, Sandie. The poor feral colonies have had to learn survival skills for themselves, but a spoiled house cat that bolts because cousin Joe left the door open would run to the nearest human being for help--and then get euthanized or starve until it learned the ropes.
The last stray I helped cost me hundreds of dollars to neuter, repair abcesses, and get shots. I had to borrow the money or get it euthanized. Then I discovered it had feline leukemia, and had to isolate it. Months later it was adopted by a neighbor, where it was spoiled for the last few years of its life.
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I understand completely what that poor girl went through. A few years ago, I lived in Downtown on a very busy street. I often stayed up very late. Outside I heard cries from a poor kitty and I went out to investigate. I found a very, very sick kitty laying in the gutter on the most busiest street in Columbus. It couldn't walk or move. I knew it wasn't going to last the night. I put it in a cat carrier with some towels. I made phone call after phone call to Cat Welfare,Humane society, Vets anyone who would help me. I could not afford to have this cat euthanized as I was just a poor college student. Finally, a 24 Hr emergency Vet agreed to do it for me. I took it to the place but when I got there they refused to do it because it wasn't "my cat". If you could have seen the poor thing! No one owned this cat. She was a stray. She was dying! The least anyone could have done for that poor creature was to put it out of it's pain and suffering! The Humane society said they wouldn't take it untill 11 am in the morning. I went back home with kitty. I continued to make calls. Again I got a place to euthanize her. I went out and when I got there I realized it was the same place I had been to before that refused me. I went in there raging mad! I made a really big scene too! I was tired and emotionally spent and the poor thing was so near death I couldn't take it anymore the second time. Finally they took her to the back and finally put her to rest. I still get very angry about it and upset. However, they agreed to do it and to turn me away the first time!Ooooooh!
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Nenners, That must have been completely frustrating, in addition to heartbreaking. I'm so glad you were kind hearted and persistent enough to take care of the poor kitten..God bless you for that!
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