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Human medical question... inflamed tonsils

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Let me start from the begining... 2 nights ago, my throat was feeling a little sore and it was painful to swallow. I took a look in my mouth to discover that my right tonsil was swollen. I have NEVER had my tonsils get swollen before, let alone, just one side. My right submadibular lymph node is also swollen. I dont have a fever or feel sick in any other way. It's just inflamed and painful. I called my doctor, but the receptionist was of no help and told me she couldn't get me in to see the doctor at all this week. It can't be strep throat or I imagine I'd be feeling a lot worse... Does anyone have any idea what it could be? I've never had this happen and now I'm paranoid that I have some weird disease...
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Take advil and gargle with salt water. Mine get like that at times but if you don't have a high fever they won't remove them anymore. I would check with your doctor tomorrow, if this is a new thing they might want to try antibiotics. If it is a chronic condition the antibiotics won't work.
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Sounds like you have some kind of an infection that your body is fighting.

I still have my tonsils and never had problems with them until about 10 years ago when they started to act up. However, they don't like to remove tonsils anymore because they are considered part of your immune system.

You really need to get into see the doctor and get some antibiotics. If your own doctor can't see you, go to a walk in clinic.

In the meantime gargle with warm salty water.
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How's your throat today? Did you call your doctor?
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Sound like some kind of infection. My tonisls and glands will do that. I have one tonsil that for years looks kind of 'deflated' but it even swelled all up last summer. Mine also have swollen durring allergy season. I would try to see a dr and get some antibiotics. Hope your feeling better soon!
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I've had tonsil problems for coming up to 39 years now ... when younger, it was ALWAYS accompanied by seriously high fevers - to the point that I am now more or less immune to a whole lot of antibiotics.

I prefer holistic remedies for imflamed tonsils and swollen lymph nodes - perhaps because I am immune to so many antibiotics.

Take everyone's advice and gargle with saltwater. Another thing that helps is honey tea...cold, very very cold.
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Do try and see a doctor as soon as you can - there is always a possibility that it could be glandular fever - my daughter had it and it started with swollen tonsils. For that, you need antibiotics and rest.
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I did go to the walkin clinic. The doctor didn't really say what it was but he put me on augmentin. All he really said was "you're tonsil is swollen, but you dont have a fever like I would expect with strep. You could still have strep throat though...."
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