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Originally Posted by minxie View Post
Im going to go hide in my shell now.Im sorry if my post has offended anyone. If it has I shall refrain from posting as that is not my intention here.
Give over Mel,I'm sure you being a legal eagle will appreciate my honesty and not take offence just as
your post and questions didn't offend me.
I've learnt a heck of a lot more since talking last year and seen that dark underbelly of rescue and IF you
do get involved in rescue although you may not see as much you certainly will hear the stories and soon
realise there is no such thing as an 'accidental' pregnancy because everybody,however much they claim
to not know is aware that a female cat can have kittens,If they do nothing to stop that happening,that is
imo irresponsible.I know you have said that your cats pregnancy was planned and that you had places
for them and I don't doubt that,but IF you do get involved in rescue you will see that the majority of
pregnancies are planned and will be passed onto friends and family and sold in the local boozer or worse
still if they have access to a local pet shop that sells kittens and they will supply them.

Most of these kittens are then discarded when the novelty has worn off and by six months old
are pregnant and giving birth in the wild which further adds to the feral cat population.I don't need to tell
you anymore about that.

I can understand you thinking there may be a difference between the UK and the rest of the worlds
overpopulation of kittens,That is because and the 'general public' don't realise this but animal welfare
charities are restricted on what they can show in tv and advertising campaigns,they have GOT to show
both the good and bad sides of rescue,they are not allowed to show how bad it really is because that
would be considered tantamount to emotional blackmail to make people part with their money.
Y'know when we are out doing cash collections we just have to stand there,we are not allowed to
'shake our can' even to attract peoples attention to the fact we are collecting because that may make
them feel guilty,So many people just walk past without even seeing us.

I know you've been considering fostering/socialising semi ferals,I wish you good luck in that, it is very
rewarding to the soul,but as with any cat but especially a feral there is no room for 'accidental' escapes
because you only ever get one chance with a feral and if it escapes,that's the last you'll ever see of it.
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Originally Posted by lil'misskisses View Post
Thank you for asking this question Minxie. It was something I was wondering about too and it has been very informative reading MOST of the replies.

You have made some mistakes (haven't we all) and have now put them right and you are doing the best you can to help the poor kitties that dont have a loving home.

I have learned a lot about cat care from the wonderful advice I have recieved here at TCS. Please dont let 1 poster make you feel bad. You have been very kind to me and I for one appreciate the advice you and others have given.

Thank you

Emma x x

That's great you have learned a lot about responsible cat care but is a shame you only find SOME of
the posts informative.I hope you have learned more about responsible cat care than you did last year
when you were here for pregnant cat advice because that is something that you will always find plenty
of here,but obviously not ALL people actually learn from their mistakes so they can't exactly expect a
pat on the back from everybody over something that is completely avoidable especially when that happens

If you haven't already you might like to visit the feral and stray forum and the cats sos forum while you
are here this time.
Here are the links


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Furry ferals, I wouldn't have posted the reply I did if I wasnt upset by it. Whether intentionally or not, you said that these are the questions an unscrupulous breeder would ask.. implying thats the reason I am asking them. You then went on to say that im not fit to rescue as rescue organisations want responsible people..implying i'm irresponsible.

Its not a case of 'giving over' (as you say), you might have a tougher skin than me...but it isnt nice coming under attack or personal judgement in this or any forum, when all im trying to do is ask a question to be a better cat owner and I know how many people worldwide read the posts in these forums. I felt that this was a great platform for a rescuer to give a definitive, informative, intelligent, statistical and factual response to me and all out there who have questions on the extent of the kitten problem is. An opportunity to teach and get the message of all your hard work across, as opposed to personally judge and question someone. Where this information has been given ..its so insightful.

I'll refer to your reply to lilmisskisses as a further example. Forgive me if Im wrong, but I read 'subtle' (or maybe not so subtle..only lilmisskisses can be the judge of that) digging of the knife/patronising/more personal judgement about that person's cat care in the past in your reply. You KNOW what I mean here. Whatever you have said that is positive/helpful (and there is positiveness/helpfulness overall in what you are saying) is overshadowed by the way the recipient of your post is left feeling devalued and judged. If that is your way of getting your message across, if that is the way you feel after years of rescuing, if you think the person 'deserves' that and will benefit from it, well so be it. You are entitled to that. But I just want you to know how it can make some people feel. I do not see why we have to compromise human warmth, care and support in a forum to achieve the best cat care. I read somewhere on TCS 'more flies are caught with honey than vinegar'. What a great quote. It is so true.

Anyway, water under the bridge blah blah blah. Both you and I have more important things to do with our time than sit here debating what you and I say and how it comes across.

I did find the 3rd paragraph of your last reply very insightful though. This is the kind of info I'm after! I didnt realise that animal welfare organisations over here are prevented from showing the real 'bad side' of things.
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