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so tired of sore ears!

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I just need to complain a bit!
I've been sick for like 3 or 4 weeks now, and have small tubes in my ears, so that's of course the first place the illness sits.
just gotta say that despite advil cold and sinus' magic fingers, i am sooo sick of having pain every time i swallow or yawn. send some small vibes to my ears? I'm ready to be better, I swear!
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Have you tried a sinus wash? Sometimes, the bacteria in the sinuses gets into the ears and causes infections there. The washes (rinses) get rid of the goo before it spreads.

I don't have tubes but the sinus rinses really help me. Hope you are better soon! Ear infections really hurt!
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Do you have any Cyprodex drops? They work like magic when my daughter's ears (tubes) give her trouble. Maybe you could give your Dr. a call and get a prescription called in? I know how aggravating and painful that is so I'm sending {{{{{MEGA VIBES}}}}}} your way!
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Ouch! Vibes from me, too. Ear infections just .
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You have my sympathy, ear infections are really a nasty thing to have. I had one for almost a month back in December. The doctor prescribed the wrong antibiotics for it and it last twice as long as it should have...As far as pain relief goes the best thing I found was Advil liquid gels, and Benadryl to relieve the pressure. Good luck and I hope you are feeling better soon.
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Heat helps, too, but you probably know that. I like those gel pouches you heat in the microwave. They stay warm.
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ick. it's feeling a bit worse today.
advil cold and sinus plus tynol works. The doctor I went to see when this started told me to take the combo. Of course heat does work. I keep on waiting for the popping to make my ear feel better, but it's just not.
I'd like to be able to get back to the doctor, but we're in the process of switching doctors and I am SO busy (worked 11 hours today).
waiting for the second round of pain killers to kick in...soon enough.
Thanks for the vibes guys!
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