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Basket Monster!

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My mom brought over an old sewing basket for the cats. Obviously, Fergie claimed it for her own.

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Fergie you are too cute to be slapping other cats around
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M I N E !
That's too cute!
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Cute little grey kitten!!!! Oh my Fergie, you're a sweetheart. Even if you do need to learn to share.
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That is so cute! I am a tiger...hear me ROAR! she says!
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Great shot there.
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Great pic

And o my what a cute photo, and what cuties u have there
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OMG...The "Silver Backed Basket Beasty"!

What a little cutey.
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Lol thats just to cute!
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awwww, she's so Fergalicious!
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aww what a great place for a cat-nap - even though you might get the odd intruder
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Well, if she doesn't start defending her turf while she is still young, she will just be getting leftovers when she grows up! It makes snese to me!
What a sweetheart!
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Awwww, what a great shot!!
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