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Harry Potter 2 - Just as good as the first!

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Only one word of warning, if spiders make you squeamish, you might want to go to the snack bar in the second part of this movie!

It was great- the visuals and animation just as good as the first movie if not better. Doggone show was almost sold out when we got there and it was a good thing we had pre-purchased our tickets. It was outstanding and a lot of fun. Lots of kids in the audience dressed up like Potter characters which was cute too.
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I really hope it was better than the first. I LOVED the books, and have read the series at least four or five times now. I was disappointed by the first movie, really. Yes - the graphics were great! But the acting was flat - and it stuck too much to the story line so that it ended up being too serious really - it just didn't seem "fun" to me.

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I will probably wait until it comes out on DVD. I liked the first movie OK...but didn't love it.

Now Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers...THAT I cannot wait to see!

It opens on December 18th. Woohoo...only "24" days to go!
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Me too! Me too!
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I think I shall name my next kitty...Baggins!
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I'm going to wait for the video release - 2 hrs/40 min. is more than my bladder can take! Also, there are no obnoxious kids, kicking the back of my sofa!
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He informed us yesterday that he only invited 10 of his "closest" friends...sign. So much for this paycheck! I'm looking forward to seeing it, but, I would rather have the next book!
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I saw the first movie on opening day, with all the kids dressed up. A few days/weeks later, I saw it again with my Dad when he visited for Thanksgiving. He's visiting again this year, and said our new tradition is to see the movie, and he wants me to wait I can't wait! I'll have to rewatch my tape of the first movie!

And, I can't wait for LOTR-The Two Towers!

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We just got back from seeing it. I think I would have liked it better if the 2 boys behind us hadn't talked through the entire movie

Other than that I thought it was well done, but nothing can take the place of the books.
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Just got back from it

Really enjoyed it as well, which is odd as the 2nd book was my least favourite out of them.

The only annoying thing was that I had a kid kicking my seat for some of the filme and only stopped after I glared at his parents.

I am really looking forward to the next book though, was dissapointed it didn't come out when it was meant to.

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Saw an article, in today's paper: they're shooting for a spring '03 release. It was due, November '01.

Marriage, pregnancy and a plagiarism lawsuit are no excuse! We want our fifth book!
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I know, how dare she use those weak excuses when we are all waiting

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I loved the second film. I thought they did a much better job with it over the first film. There was more action and excitment, and even though there were a few changes, I think it did a very good job of staying true to the story. Those kids are just adorable, and I think the acting was much better. Rupert Grint aka Ron Weasly practically steals the movie with his facial expressions. When they were in the forest with the spiders, I loved his face!

As for the spiders, ICK! Dear god, ICK!! I was practically sitting in my friends lap, and peeking out from behind my hands. :paranoid3

And yes, I CANNOT wait for The Two Towers to come out. from the trailors, it looks AWESOME.
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I WAS supposed to see it Friday but hubby had a headache! Bum! I will g on Thursday this week - taking a friend for her birthday. #2 was also my least fav book, but I am looking forward to the movie!

How can she keep her loyal fans waiting! Her hubby should lock her in a room and not let her out until it is done! I need book 5!
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We took the kids to see Harry Potter last night, and I came away disappointed. I don't know if it was just my mood or what, but I kinda thought the story got a little boring. Granted, the effects were spectacular- but I liked part one MUCH better.

I can't wait to see LOTR part 2 ...I was so enchanted by the first one I named my hamster Frodo :laughing:
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