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~Hey Buster What You Doin here? We got a VISITOR~

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~Everyone probably knows I have 2 cats, 3 kittens and a Yorkie named Abby but we have a new friend staying a couple weeks with us....and his name is Buster! Buster is a tiny little Yorkie. He comes over a few times a month to play with Abby but this is the first time he is staying more than a day! We are excited but also nervous! Abby ADORES him! Im afraid she will get too attached to him when he leaves. They do not leave each others side...AT ALL! Is this bad for my girl to have a new family member for a few weeks and then to not have him around all the time? She gets stressed so easily. I havent seen her this happy in months! Ive tried talking hubby into buying me another Yorkie so she would have a playmate but my efforts are futile. Well anyway I wanted to share sweet pics of Yorkies~

~Abby waiting for Buster to get here....she's in LOVE with him~

~Abby and Buster~

~Busting smothering Abby with Kissys~

Buster Watching Animal Planet

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Oh how cute! They just look like they were made for eachother! Toooo sweet!
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It's puppy Love!

Maybe this visit will change your hubbies mind!
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Awwwwwwwww my Mom has a Yorkie named Angel.
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That is so sweet! I am sure she will be sad when he leaves, but with your love and affection she will be fine!
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I'll move this to pet pics in the cats and other animals forum for you
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how sweet that they love each other so much - one more little Yorkie wouldn't be that much trouble would it
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~OMGGGOOODNESS! Yup Yup having Buster here with Abby has been good for all of us especially Abby. She has become a different dog. These 2 are never farther than a foot away from each other. I talked to the woman who owns him...she raises Yorkies. She has 2 males (Buster and Mikey) and 3 females. I babysit Buster for her while she is out of town and the others go to her sisters house. Abby only gets along with Buster so that is why I dont babysit them all. Well anyway I talked to her this morning and she asked me if I was interested in buying Buster. She is planning on selling him because she has 2 males and the other male who is only 3 going to be her stud dog.

She bought Buster first...who is about 4 lbs but then decided she wanted a smaller male. So I talked to my hubby and we are discussing keeping him for GOOD! OMGGOODNESS I had NOT planned on getting another animal right now but could this not be soooo perfect? He is such a sweety! Im so excited! Ill keep you posted if hubby gives in or not. I think he might because today Im doing my SAD PUPPY DOG face and he doesnt like to see me pout! Then again he doesnt like paying 800 for a dog either haha but umm we will see who wins in the end. No offense to the guys here but "Men are the head of the household...but women are the NECK...and the neck is what controls the head and makes it turn"~
~Abby and Buster~ The King Guarding his Queen~

~The happiest boy in the world right now~ This is my son J'Shawn...he is happy that we have a BOY dog in the house haha~
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Beautiful dogs!
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awe they are both such cuties, and I agree its puppy love

And I hope hubby gives in how could u say no to that sweet lil doggie,and to Abby she would be heartbroken!
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very very cute
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awwww! too cute!!! i just love their fur and little tiny faces!!!
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Tell DH that he and J'Shawn deserve some more male influence in the house Your son is adorable!
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~Its agreed! Buster...well his real name is Libertys Sweet Bartyll and he knows the name Bartyll so that is what we call him now. I just HATE the name BUSTER! Its just 2 plain for my household haha!~

~As you can imagine my kiddoes are thrilled he is staying for good! Abby is definatly happy~

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So he does get to stay? You are buying him?
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I am so happy for you
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~Yup its not official yet...because Im waiting for the owner to get back into town to let her know we have decided we DO want him....but its pretty much a done deal.~

~New Pics~
This one is funny....Abby was yawning or something in it...they rarely leave each others sides.

They were so tired after they are under my desk.

Here they are after a game of tag in the back was a HOT one today....they had a ball!
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