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why is my cat hanging out in the litter box!?

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I have two cats, and one of them has been doing something really weird. SHe lies down and hangs out in the litter box! She curls up in there and stays - regardless of whether it is clean or has #2 in it! It is really gross and I dont know what to do. This is a cat who is nervous and skittish as it is. We moved a few weeks ago, but she has been settling in just fine, and although she has done this occasionally in the past, she has been doing it all the time for the past few days. She is also hiding other places, like under the bed and in the cloest, when she's not in the box. We were just at the vet last week, so I don't thin she is sick. Help! I am worried about her, and also, it is really gross!
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Is the litter box an enclosed or covered one? Maybe she is feeling comforted by how it's kind-of cave-like. Perhaps get a cardboard box, lay it on it's side, put a comfy towel or blanket inside and drape the whole thing with another towel or sheet, leaving a little gap for the entrance. Hopefully, she will take to this new 'cave' and stop lying in the litter box.
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Oh and welcome to TCS.
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Sorry to be funny, but maybe she likes the magazines?

Tania has a good idea. The fact you moved recently is probably part of it. The litter box odors are familiar and perhaps comforting.
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Yah - I think the cardboard box idea is a good one. Also does she have a favourite person in the house? If so, get an old shirt or underwear from that person and put it in the box. She will feel comforted by the smell.
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We actually already tried the cardboard box idea (I thought it was genius!) but, of course, only my other cat is interested. I have now shut off the basement entirely, and put the litter box in the bathroom. The kitty with the problem has now been hiding in a closet all day, except taking a brief break to come crawl into my lap, snuggling and purring, but sort of digging into me and hiding like she does when she's scared at the vet. So weird! I don't want to take her back to the vet if this is not a health issue, because we were JUST there and she was fine and HATES going, but I don't want to ignore it if she might be sick! I was thinking - there has been a male cat hanging around near the house outside, maybe she senses him and is scared?
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Did you show her the box and did she test it out?

Something else you can do is use a Feliway Comfort Zone plug-in in the area where she spends most of her time. It emits calming and comforting pheromones that are odourless to humans but really help nervous, antisocial or fighting cats. Be sure to not use any scented plug-ins or sprays anywhere near the plug-in as they cover the scent of the pheromone. You can get the plug-in online, at pet stores and at vets.

You can also use Rescue Remedy by Bach. It helps calm a nervous or skittish cat. In a 'crisis', such as having to take the cat to the vet, you drop one drop on the cat's tongue. In the home, drop 4-5 drops in the cat's water bowl and mix well. You can get Rescue Remedy at a health food store or drugstore.
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