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Male hanging around after mating

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Hi all,
My very young cat is about to have a litter ANY day now, she is an indoor cat but runs in and out most of the day cause we have the patio door open now that the weather is warmer, but the question i have is the male i presume to be the dad is hanging around in the evenings and nights whining all the time and sometimes coming in to eat her food.
Is it normal for the male to stick around?
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Hi and welcome to TCS.

Yes, sometimes the male does hang around to protect the female and make sure no other male tries to mate with her. You will need to keep your girl inside from now on, as you don't want her giving birth outside or the male cat harming the kittens.

Female cats can mate and become pregnant again as soon as a few days after giving birth, so it's important to keep her inside while she is nursing the kittens. Once the kittens are 8 weeks old, she can be spayed. Once the kittens are 10-12 weeks old, they can go to their new homes.
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Oh hes protecting her I thought he was just doing to to alloy me.

Yeah I know about keeping her in from now on, I had planned to start tomorrow. I think/hope we are ready.

Just 1 more question though, We have a 18 month daughter so I presume we have to keep them very separated till the little kittys have been homed.

Thanks for the welcome and fast response.
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You're right. At 18 months, your daughter may accidently squash or step on the kittens. Once they are born and settled, and if it doesn't upset mumcat too much, she can certainly have a look at the kittens and even stroke them gently, as long as you are right there at all times with your daughter.
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You said the cat is very young. How old is she?
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I think she is 8 or 9 months, I got her as a kitten a month or two before christmas.
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Hopefully everything will go smoothly with the birth.
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Hopefully will even though I think it was bad of me to let her get pregnant in her first heat, should of waited till she was a bit older cause shes not even fully grown herself yet, the poor little kitty.

But i`ll be keeeping a close eye on her to make sure is doing ok.

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I hope everything goes good for you and your cat! Just make sure you are prepared with everything for the birth. Do you have a box for her to have her babies in yet?
What is her name?
^on the last page
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Hi and welcome to TCS.
I hope everything goes ok for your little girl. i dont have anything to add the other posters have covered it.
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Hi there,
Her name is Peachy.
I have had her box ready in quiet place in the kitchen for a few weeks but shes not interested in getting into it but she knows its there so hopefully when she starts i can get her in there.
She like any other cat loves sleeping in random places round the house so im keeping doors, drawers, wardrobes ect closed, so she is just hanging round me most of the time now, like on my arm as we speak! and on the bed at night if I get round to that.

I have Peachy down as 4 March so would 8 May be right?
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Normal cat pregnancies last around 63 days, which would make it 6th May.
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