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Runaway cat

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My cat, Papo, ran away in November 06 and i thought he was dead. We saw him (alive and well) yesterday but he won't come home.... any suggestions?
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Where did you see him? In the field, in a yard? He's probably very scared of all humans. Instead of chasing him, try softly talking to him and slowly going towards him. Is there any toy or treat you could lure him in with?
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he ran across our front yard, then hid under the neighbors car. I tried to coax him out - but he wouldn't come. He hissed at me...
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Well you really should be out trying to coax him to you, and not in here Like I said, he's pretty scared at this point - maybe you can put his carrier and a fav blanket in your back yard near the house, or in the garage or something that might attract him to come home.
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Did he ever respond to a box of dry food being shaken? Have you left some out in front of your house? Unfortunately, he may really not recognize you outdoors (cats are weird!) and even if your voice sounds familiar, faces blur to cats sometimes and smells are much more meaningful, so do leave food out for him, but let him get used to eating outside, try to get a feel for what time he's likely to show up, and then each day (after a week or so when the routine's established) very, very gradually bring the food closer to the door and if you can, leave the door open with the dish JUST inside, until he comes in and eats - but DON'T jump him, talk to him or anything yet, just let him get oriented and walk around (maybe days) without anything startling him, and only if he comes all the way in and YOU'RE able to close the door before he can leave, close it, but be ready for a huge explosion of noisy cat. Maybe you could have some of his toys, or fave blanket, etc. near the door too.
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When he ran away, was he a new addition to your home or did you have him for a long time previously?

I HIGHLY suggest you borrow a humane trap from someone. Call local vet clinics, shelters, vet offices or pounds and see if they allow you to borrow them.

Then get the stinkiest smelling canned cat food or tuna you can find and set the trap over night. Try this for a few nights and see if you can nab him. Drape a towel over the trap to make it seem like a safer place to go.

Be prepared in case you catch other animals, just let them go.

Don't take the hissing or growling personally. You are now strange to him. Bring him in once you trap him and release him in a bathroom or a small laundry room (or the room or spot he hung out in the most when you previously had him), with all his supplies and toys and food. Leave him be for awhile and just check in on him. Go by his reaction to you. If he is freaking out, leave him be for longer, if he seems like he remembers you, then pet him and show him affection. (and neuter him if it isn't done already)
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