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Nosey kitty

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I'd like some advice please.
We've got a new friend in feline form. We noticed a cat in our street a litle over a week ago that we hadn't seen before. We made friends with her by petting her on our way to work etc. About 6 days ago she started inhabiting the front gardens of us and our next door neighbour, snoozing under the bushes and waiting on the doorsteps for us to fuss her on the way out or in.
On Sunday my housemate came home with some shopping, put it down and opened the door, by the time he'd picked the shopping up and turned back round the cat had ran into our fron room. He shooed her out as we didn't know her.
On Monday we were eating dinner in the front room. There were a few of us so I was sat near to the door. We heard a "miaow" from outside and all laughed as we knew it was the kitty, then it jumped up and caught the door handle so we ended up letting it in and giving it some food.
Since then the cat has been back every day (even the days we didn't feed it) and has explored the house. It has discovered a nice warm corner under my housemates bed and has been sleeping at the end of my bed whilst I have typed this.
It likes to be fussed but when it turns on its side/back will nip if you touch its tummy.
It hasn't slept here and its coat seems in good condition.
We're a bit weary of investigating too closely to find out what sex it is but think its a girl.
Should I find out whose cat it is or just carry on like I am? A friend of mine told me one of his cats has two homes and that its not unusual. I'm slightly weary of stealing someone elses pet but the cat seems very content to come here so don't know what to do!
Any advice will be most appreciated.
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Put a collar on the cat with your phone number attached. If it has an owner, you should either receive a call or see the collar disappear (though many cats can slip their collars or deliberately make the safety catch open).
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thanks for that. I'll try it tomorrow and see what happens.
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You might also try posting some "Found" flyers around your neighboorhood with her picture and ask them to call if they know her.
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