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She's such a brave little girl!

Seb had a bone spur on his hip removed a little over a year ago. Had a heck of a time convincing him he could not climb. I kept him in my bedroom I had at the time and placed packed boxes all over the room as quasi stairs. He knew he shouldn't be jumping. I could tell it hurt him, but he still had to try.

Sending lots of get well vibes to Pearl!
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Poor lil Pearl! I'm still praying that she'll be 100% again real soon! Thanks for updating!
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Poor little Pearl! Sending lots of healthy vibes to her.
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I'm so glad she's doing better! Many vibes for a quick recovery.
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Aaawwww!!! U care so much! I hope she gets better!
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The poor baby. I'm glad that she is doing better.

Sending more vibes for a speedy recovery.
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ohhh, it must be so hard on you both. I hope she gets better. i hate it when Had is hurt and i can't do anything about it.
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woot, sounds like she is getting a little better each day.
this is good news.
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Glad to hear Miss Pearl is feeling better!
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It's so nice to come back and see that you've been thinking of my Pearl -- thank you so much.

And it's good news again today! She's walking very well, still showing weakness, especially on the right side, but moving a little faster and more confidently.

I let her out twice today for an hour or so, staying right behind her all the time to be sure she didn't do any jumping. Now and then, she would fix her greeneyed gaze on a counter or tabletop, and I could just see her thinking, I'll bet I could get up there! So I would immediately pick her up and put her wherever she wanted to be. Pretty soon, she got the idea, and she would go plant herself in front of the kitchen table, then turn to me and say, "Raowr?" So up I'd put her, and then when she started looking back at the floor, down I'd bring her again... clearly, the master/slave relationship is well-established between us.

But then the third or fourth time I put her up on the kitchen counter (we deny them nothing -- we just clean a lot), she immediately turned to the refrigerator and leapt for the top of it! I caught her in mid-leap and splained it to her, and I swear she understood me. It was a weak effort on her part, and I don't think she would have made it... but I have to admire her for trying. Just as you said about Seb, Bonnie -- bless their brave little hearts.

So Pearl had me carry her around the kitchen for awhile so she could see up high, and then it was time to go back to her crate. She was ready to go, too, I think... it must be exhausting for her to hobble around that way, poor baby.

So now she's asleep in her crate beside me as I type, and she seems content with that for now. I'll let her loose in the bedroom tonight again, though... she's very good about using the steps I built for her.

Oh, and last night, for the first time since this happened, Pearl tried to climb up on top of me and make biscuits! She really had to struggle, and her back legs kept sliding off sideways, bless her heart... but she was determined, and she actually managed to make what I call "four-wheel-drive biscuits," with all four paws at once! Then she curled up in the crook of my arm and purred us both to sleep.

Have I mentioned how precious this little girl is?
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
Have I mentioned how precious this little girl is?
Every post about her tells us how special she is.
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
Have I mentioned how precious this little girl is?
nope, maybe you should tell us some more

once again, she has gotten a little better today. I Hope that she keeps getting better and better
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Aw, 4 wheel drive buscuits sound just adorable! And how wonderful that she worked so hard to love you last night.
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Today was a day of reckoning for Pearl. She was walking so well that I let her be free in the kitchen while I worked on things at the table (with the door closed, to keep other kitties from worrying her). I watched her walk around and stare up at the countertops with such longing, poor thing... but I was ready to run and stop her if she tried to jump.

Well, I wasn't quick enough. She did make an attempt -- and she whacked against the cabinet and slid back down. It wasn't a hard hit, and she didn't seem to be hurt, but oh, how sad she was! I petted her for awhile and told her she was a brave little girl, and then went back to the table. Pearl just stood there in the middle of the kitchen, looking around at the counters... and finally, in the silence, she let out one plaintive little "Mrrraow?" and went off to curl up in a little bed in the corner. Poor little darlin'!

But after that, she stopped trying to jump on anything higher than a chair seat, and she seems to be able to do that without any trouble. She's very hesitant about jumping back down, though -- I've been trying to keep up with her and lift her down as much as possible.

At night, Pearl surely likes having me all to herself in the bedroom! Oh, the lovin' I get! But poor Clydie misses us, I think... he keeps giving me these deep, meaningful gazes, as if to say, "Don't you love me anymore?" I think maybe it'll be all right to let him in with us tonight... he's been a perfect gentleman toward her all day. (Which is more than I can say for St. John, who thinks Pearl is the very best toy in the house, and tackled her once when Mom accidentally let him in the kitchen! Little hellion! )

Tomorrow, I'll call the vet and see if they think she's making reasonable progress, or if we should do another round of anti-inflammatories, perhaps. I'm so worried that living with this added vulnerability may change her sunny little personality... I know it takes time to heal, but... oh, I just want so much for her to be well! I'm sure you all know how that feels.
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I think it sounds like she's doing GREAT! When our Sassy had that, she was probably under the weather about a week. I was surprised at how quickly she healed. I hope Pearl keeps up the great progress!
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Woohooooooo! Well, sorta -- despite my best efforts at keeping Pearl from climbing on anything, I lost sight of her for about a minute this afternon and looked up to see her on top of the big bookshelves in the living room!

So woohoo, because she can get up there... and drat, because she did! I went over and stood on a chair to get her down, so she wouldn't jump... and she hasn't shown any interest in the shelves since then, so that's good. I guess she just needed to know she could do it!

She still has weakness in her right back leg, but obviously she's doing much, much better, and I'm so grateful. I left a message for the vet to call me tomorrow, so I can ask whether there's anything more we can do to help her heal, and whether she should be examined again. But I think she's going to be okay now, and I thank you all so much for your moral support and vibes for my little girl!
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I am just seeing this thread about your sweet Pearl, I am so glad she is continuing to get better, I think a lot of it is your TLC She sounds like such a sweety
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Yay for Pearl!! I'm so happy that she's doing so much better!!!
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Awww Pearl So glad she is doing better
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Oh I'm soooo glad to hear she's doing better!!!
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sounds very good.!!!!!
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Wonderful news! Yeah Pearl!
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That's wonderful news about Pearl! Pearl stop scaring mommy and let yourself heal before you jump high again!
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I'm glad she's doing better! And good luck keeping her off high places!
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Sounds like she is making remarkable progress. What a well love kitty you have and she definately knows it. I get a chuckle just picturing her strolling around the kitchen with you trailing behind, ready to lift her magesty anywhere she wants to go. What a little princess! I hope that she continues to get stronger everyday!
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Very good news - she'll soon adjust to her new abilities.
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I'm so glad she's doing better!
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Oh gosh... I thought this thread was pretty much finished, because Pearl is clearly recovering well, and I really think she'll be 100% eventually. But last night...

Everyone had gone to bed but me, and I was working on the computer. Pearl and Clyde were both sleeping on the floor around my feet, and Pearl had been so good, no climbing, no jumping...

So around 3:00am, I shut down the computer and started going around the house, making sure everything was secure. While I was in the kitchen, I heard this horrible crash in the living room. I ran in and saw Dylan looking up from his usual nighttime position on the sofa, Clyde standing in the other doorway, looking around alarmed... and my father's beautiful scale replica of a Civil War cannon, which he bought at Gettysburg, broken into two pieces on the floor.

It had been displayed on top of one of the two five-foot bookcases that flank the three big six-and-a-half-foot bookcases along one wall. Pearl's usual climbing route has always been up the big burgundy chair, across to the shorter bookcase on the right, up to the top of the big bookcases where the ships are, across and down to the other shorter bookcase, and then a grand leap across the hallway to the credenza. I guess she decided to try it again while I wasn't there to interfere, and because of her weakness, wasn't able to make her usual graceful landing... and the cannon went flying.

I searched for Pearl first, and couldn't find her anywhere, which terrified me, of course. But I was also terrified that my father might have heard the crash and be making his way out from his room, and I didn't want him to see the broken cannon. Ever since he developed Alzheimer's, keepsakes like that mean so much to him... I just didn't want to face it. So I gathered the cannon up and stashed it in the laundry room.

When I came back out, Pearl was sitting on the spot where the cannon had landed, her head down, gazing up at me sadly. She looked for all the world as if she was saying "I'm sorry." I was just so glad to see her in one piece! I picked her up carefully and carried her to bed and curled up with her and cried. Just cried, for fear of all the ways she could get hurt if I can't stop her climbing things, and fear of how my father would react to the cannon being broken, and I guess also just because it was 3:00 in the morning and I was exhausted and everything seemed bigger and worse than it really was, y'know?

And bless little Pearl, she nuzzled me and made biscuits on me and rubbed her cheeks against mine to dry my face. After awhile, Clydie came in and nosekissed me and then curled up against my middle, closer than his usual leg-wrap position, so he was being extra-sweet, too. I don't know how I ever got so lucky as to have these wonderful kitties in my life.

This morning, I inspected the cannon... its metal crossbar is snapped right in two near one hub, but it's a clean break. I'll try to find someone to solder it together for me... maybe a hobbyshop owner or something. I'd hoped to get it fixed before my father ever noticed, but he found the wooden ramrod from it lying on the floor -- I'd missed it -- and realized the cannon was gone, so I had to tell him what happened. He took it better than I feared he might... probably because he's a pushover for Pearl's pretty green eyes, and just couldn't get mad at her.

And Pearl was good alllll day today. No climbing, no jumping, no major destruction of property.
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Poorp Pearl and poor you. I am so glad your father was so understanding. I am sure you will be able to get it fixed!
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Oh dear - two steps forward and one leap backwards. Hopefully, she is learning what her new limits are. I'm sorry to hear about the cannon and hope you can find someone to fix it.
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