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Hoping my Pearl really is okay...

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Last night, I slept really, really well. Too well... because my little Pearlygirl wasn't climbing all over me and giving me kisses all night. When I woke up this morning and realized she had never come to bed, I went looking for her... and found her huddled behind the sofa.

She just gazed up at me and wouldn't come out. I moved the sofa away from the wall, and she still wouldn't budge. Finally, in desperation, I found the famous Pink String, her favorite thing in the world, and dangled it.

And bless her little heart, she came stumbling clumsily out to try to catch the string... and that's how I discovered that her back legs weren't working right. She'd take a step and one leg or the other would crumple under her, or her hips would fall to one side. You can imagine my horror.

I picked her up just around her chest, so as not to handle her back half, and took her into the bathroom where I could examine her on the counter. I didn't find any visible injuries, no blood or anything... but it was clear that she was very nearly paralyzed in the back.

So I put a lot of towels in a carrier and lowered her in gently so she could arrange herself in whatever way hurt least, and we headed to the vet. They took us right away, and the doctor watched Pearl try to walk, then examined her... and she found a tender spot on Pearl's spine, a couple of inches above her tail. Then she pointed out something I had missed: Pearl's tail was dangling, just barely moving at all.

That scared me to death, of course -- a broken leg or a dislocated hip is one thing, but a spinal injury... permanent paralysis... no no no, not my Pearl!

So they x-rayed her, then brought her back to me, and I held her while they developed the films. I told her no matter what, I would always take care of her, even if it meant she could never use the litterbox again. She listened carefully and reached up to pat my face. I love this cat.

But when the doctor came back, she said the x-rays didn't show any bone damage! That's not necessarily proof that there was none, she said, but she felt it was most likely a soft-tissue injury, and as such, should show marked improvement within 48 hours! Thank heaven!

The doctor gave me three syringes of anti-inflammatory medication for her and said to keep her confined in a small space until tomorrow, so she won't do too much moving around. If she doesn't show improvement, or if she gets worse, I'm to bring her back in on Saturday morning.

So... I'm just hoping hoping hoping she's right, and my Pearl will be fine in a few days. I've got her set up in the bathroom with a nice comfy kitty bed, plenty of food and water, and a litterbox. And although I dislike the practice of carpeting bathrooms, I'm grateful for it just this once -- it's safer for her to fall over on.

She's crying for me now, so I'd better take a book and go stay with her awhile.
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Poor Pearl! I will pray she is ok!
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What a scare! Poor little Pearl. I'm glad it looks like she will be fine!
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Awww, poor little Pearl. Sending lots of vibes for her recovery.
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How scary-Poor Pearl Sending healing vibes your way.
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I can feel your heart from here - MANY vibes going out for your Pearlgirl. Poor little baby.

And lots of for you - please keep us posted!!!
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Oh my! I can feel just how you felt through your post. I'm glad the vet thinks its OK. Give Pearl a kiss for me?
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Awww I hope poor little Pearl is ok!
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Oh Pearl, please get to feeling better soon. Hopefully it is just a small soft injury and will heal quickly with the anti-inflams .
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Oh poooor sweet baby! I'm praying she's ok!!!
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Pearl, I hope you feel better soon.
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I will keep sweet Pearl in my prayers for a quick and complete recovery.
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Let me give you (hopefully) some reason to be optimistic...I had a cat that had that happen, and after several days (with no anti-inflammatories from my vet) she was much better. Her tail always looked a little odd, curly, like a pig's tail kind of. But she was just fine! Hugs and kisses to Pearl.
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i hope pearl is feeling better.
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Thank you all so much for your good wishes! I do believe they help Pearl, and I know for sure they help me.

Keeping her in the bathroom didn't work -- she just couldn't bear to be isolated from the life of the house, and our other kitties were worried about her, too. Especially St. John! He stayed outside the bathroom, looking worried, the whole time she was in there. He's a sweet little boy.

So now she's in a nice large (borrowed) dog crate, complete with food and water and litterbox, and that allows her to be out among us. Right now, her crate is on a table next to me, and she's finally, finally getting some sleep.

While she was in the bathroom, she was walking around more than she should, so I'm glad she's inclined to lie still now... but it was awfully good to see her walking, even if she did fall a lot! She was doing much better than when I found her this morning. I was both laughing and crying, watching her... she has these fluffy little breeches in the back, and this fabulous plume of a tail, all girly and glamorous -- but she's totally knock-kneed, so watching her walk away is so funny! And so wonderful, under the circumstances.

WhiteCat, Pearl has been soundly smooched on your behalf... and Kluchetta, thank you for that encouraging word, and excuse me a moment --

-- okay, Pearl has now been hugged and kissed on your behalf, as well.

Thank you all so much for your vibes and prayers and wellwishes... they mean a lot to me.

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It's so wonderful that she seems to be getting better. Maybe by tomorrow she'll be back to normal.

Hopefully you'll both be able to get some rest tonight. Give her a hug and kiss from me too.
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its good to hear, that pearl seems to be doing better,
that must have scared you really bad
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I'm saying some prayers for your Pearl. Hopefully it all turns out all ok. When we got Carly, we found that her tail didn't work. It just hangs down. I did research on tail-pull injuries and it sounds similar to what happened to Pearl. She may have gotten it caught in something. Carly does ok except every once in awhile I have to clean her tail as it doesn't always get out of the way. And I have to make sure I don't stand on it because she doesn't feel it.
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ACK! So that's where the cat hair came from!

Hopefully, Pearl is still resting soundly!
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
ACK! So that's where the cat hair came from!
Ha! Thank you for that laugh! I needed it!

And yes, she's sleeping off and on, and when she wakes up, she's fine as long as I'm in sight. If I'm not, she cries until I come back.

I swear I don't know why Pearl thinks so highly of me. But I certainly aspire to live up to her opinion.
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lots of love and healing thought for you and Pearl. It is amazing how they can heal from spinal injuries. That Pearl is showing even a little improvement is a great sign.

lots cyber hugs for you and sweet kitty headbutts for Pearl
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Hope Pearl is feeling better today
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I am glad she is doing better. I have a good feeling that she is going to get better and stronger every day.
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Oh my, poor little Pearl! I'm glad the x-rays were good and hope she truly does get better in just a few days. Maybe she hurt it jumping off something? Lots of vibes for you and Pearl.
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Poor little Pearl! I hope we can have some good news today. I know how incredibly hard it is to have a sick or injured kitty, and they can't tell you what is hurting them. Lots of get well vibes from my Pearl and the rest of us, to your sweet baby. Please keep us posted if you can.
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All our prayers and healing vibes are with you and sweet Pearl. She sounds like a real treasure.
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Aww!!! I am sending many vibes to your 'lil baby!! How is she today?
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Sending lots of healing vibes to little Pearl.
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Aw, thanks for checking on her! There's good news and kinda bad news...

The good news is, she's better again today! Her right back leg is still very weak, and she mostly drags it with the paw turned out to the side. The other leg is a little stronger, though, and she's learned how to compensate now. She walks better, keeping her little knock-knees tight together so the better leg supports the weak one, and she takes bigger steps with her right front leg to make up for the natural leftward drift that the right back leg causes. And she seems generally stronger, so I'm just thrilled!

But... when I let her out of the crate today (pursuant to what the vet had told me yesterday), she immediately started trying to hop up on things again. She stared up at the bookcases in the living room, which is her favorite perch (she likes to menace the tiny imaginary crews on the line of sailing ship models up there), but she saw that she couldn't manage that yet... so she tried a dining room chair, and would have pulled it over on top of herself if I hadn't been there to stop it.

I followed her around the house for an hour or so, making sure she didn't get hurt, but she just kept trying to jump on things -- she is, as the vet called it, "a severe climber." So when the vet phoned to see how she was doing, I told her about this, and she said, "Honey, you're gonna have to put her back in the cage, or she'll aggravate that injury."

So I did. And Pearl protested at first, mildly... but then she settled down, seemingly resigned. I think she may actually understand why she's in there now. But it's still so hard to see her subdued this way... she's normally such a vivacious little darlin'.

I do feel okay letting her out of the crate at night, though, in my room, where she can climb a little makeshift stairway to the bed and back down. We took a nap this afternoon, and although she usually likes to sleep wrapped around my leg, today she stretched out beside me, tummy-to-tummy, and she snored ever so sweetly the whole time. Is there anything nicer than a warm furry body snuggled up to you?

So... I have to be strong and keep her confined, and hope she continues to improve. I'm thinking I should take her in on Monday, though, even if she seems well... just to let the vet be very sure before I let Pearl run free again.

There's just no way to jump-proof the house, though goodness knows I've been trying to think of one, for the sake of all our kitties. But Pearl is by far the most dedicated climber -- she just can't bear to let a summit go unconquered! In the dining room, we have a padded wooden valance above the drapes, and about four feet away is the top of a hutch about six feet tall. One day a few months ago, I saw Pearl actually jump from the dining table to the top of the hutch, which is a remarkable vertical leap in itself -- and then she jumped across from the hutch to the top of the valance, which only has about five inches of headroom above it! She shot into that space like a rocket, back legs extended because there was no room for them, and latched on with her front claws! There was absolutely nothing to do up there, nothing she couldn't see from the hutch... I guess if you asked her why, she'd say, "Because it's there." She's just amazing.

We don't know how she hurt herself, but my suspicion is the living room bookshelves, because there's a wooden-armed chair in front of them that she could have hit her back on if she came down wrong. I've got two thick blankets over that chair now, to pad the wooden parts until we can come up with a better living room arrangement.

I so appreciate your various crossed appendages... and I'm sure Pearl does too. Thank you for caring about my little girl...

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I'm glad she's doing better. She may not be happy in the cage but a lot better than aggravatng the injury.
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