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I am getting the impression from reading here that it's okay to call cats by a nickname (or many in some cases.) Boy do I feel a lot better!! My husband was worried that Ed would be confused by all the names I call him. I don't think he knows the difference -- if he did he would probably smother me in my sleep! I love reading the nicknames every one has for their babies. What a riot!
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Our kittens name is Cooper....... we call her:

* Coupe (short for Cooper)
* Mamma (cause she's Mamma's kitty!)
* &%#*@ (When she's done something wrong!)

She answers to anything

(it also helps if you shake the can of treats when you call her!!!)
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this is sort of embarrasing, but Ed has a first name, middle name and like four last names as well as his nicknames...

Edward Zephaniah Snigglestein (Ed's biological mother's imaginary biological last name) or Pinkerton (Ed's biological father's imaginary last name) or Hutchinson (my last name) or Randleman (my husband's last name).

It's a little weird I admit and I'm the only one int he house who can remember them all. Don'teven get me started on nicknames it could take a while...
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Names we call Abby:
Scabby Cat, Bad Abby (from Bad Andy at Dominoes), Scabby Abby.

Names we call Anna Belle:
Anna Hell, Anna Smells.
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A haha...I love all those names!

Jedi gets called...along with Jedi...

'Tle Boy (short for Little Boy)
'Tle Beebs (Little Baby...Baby somehow digressed to Beebs??)
Little Cakes (as in Babycakes)
Soggy Bottom Boy (don't ask!)
Hunna Bunna

I think that's about it...but we seem to add something new all the time!:tounge2:
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Socks gets called her nicknames more than she gets called Socks. I think she thinks the name Socks is reserved only for when she's in trouble.

'Kie - Short for Sockie

My mom calls her Babe, and my brother calls her "Go Away." :p
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Opie has been tagged with: Opes, Opieman and Opemeister.

Rowdy gets called: Her Royal Rowdiness, Ornery, Fat Sides and You Little $#!+.

Ike is also known as: Doofus, Goon and $#!+head.

Since Ike is the only one, who comes when called, I guess that it doesn't matter WHAT we call them!
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Jenn - too funny!
...and my brother calls her "Go Away."

When we first named Lazlo, it was Carl Lazlo Esquire (yes, our cat is a lawyer). We brought in Shelly, who was named Sheldon Kornpet, DDS (Yup. A Dentist). But in the movie In-Laws, Shelly's pal is Vince Ricardo, so we kind of wanted Lazlo to be Vince, and he did seem to have two different personalities, depending upon the time of day. So we rechristend Lazlo "Carl Lazlo Vincent Ricardo," thinking we'd call him Vince or Lazlo. But Lazlo was the only one that stuck.

The both have LOTS of nicknames. Like Lizza, they'll answer to any of them with treats! But they know "Lazlo" or "Laz" and "Shelly" or "Sheldon." Anything else we call them - I think it gets their attention just because of the tone of voice we use (or that can of treats!)

We sing the "name" song with Shelly all the time:'

"Shelly-belly-fo-felly-fa-fee-fi-fo-felly - Shelly!"

He's our Shelly-belly! :tounge2: (And the funny thing is he is so far away from fat - he's a tall skinny kitty! Like the basket-ball player of cats! )
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Oh, boy...nicknames. I don't think Ivo knows her "real" name.

She is called:
Shoogie bear (my favorite)
Big bear
Love bug
Meepers (because she trills and meeps when she's happy)
Kitty butt (when she stretches and sticks her butt in the air)
Baby girl
Little girl

My favorite cat nickname is the nickname my Dad has for his cat Pumpkin:

Furry rat face stinky kitty butt.

The funny thing is, Pumpkin actually recognizes that name!
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Ok, lets see We have

Mystique who is called "mistake" by hubby,as well as, Tiki, but i think she thinks her name is "OMG what have you done now?!!?"

There's "Halloween Delight" but we call her "Hallie"

Brieann is Brie Brie

Tatum is Ta Ta

See a pattern here?!?

Jake is Jakey

Drysi is C C

Rudy is Rudy Pa-Tootie

We are calling the baby Starrey I forget what we put on the papers...

Do you think we have enough yet??? I may be showing the little one in December. I just have to find out how young is too young!
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We call Suki many names:

Button, Buttony Girl, Squeety cat, Pie Feet, Black Butt, Furry Trousers.
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Geez I think the furballs know their many nicknames rather than their actual names. Here's my list...

Mitzi-Fatty McGhee, Pudge pudge, The B****, Mitzi meow meow, MitzerMoo.

Xavier-Snuggle buggy, Cutie, The little baby and the rest I cannot post because they'd just be edited.

Fallon-FallonBot, Freaky Fallon, Little weiner girl, Peanut, Weirdo.

Sampson-Bumbles, Jampson, Mr.J, Sampsonite, Yosmite, Jumbles, Sampins.

Ah, what the heck I'll include the dogs just cuz they feel left out.

Natala-Boo, Natala Ala, Black dog and once again the rest of her nicknames might offend some so I'll leave it as that.

Scooby-Scoobanutter, Fat head, Joobie, Scoob.

Oh and Sampson and Scooby both have middle names too! Sampson's is J and Scooby is Steve. I haven't come up with any for the rest of the crew yet. lol Don't ask.
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Alf: Alfie, Alfredo di Mittone, Little Mate, Matie-boy, The Big Gallah.

Ronnie: Veronica, Veronique, Trouble, Little One, Mrs Stripey-pants (she is a tabby)
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Maya is also called Maay , Mikey , big sister
Inka : Inky , Inky-Pinky , Inka-Boom .

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Poor Ike, Cindy! My husband calls both the cats Doofus, and I get so insulted. Consider their definite dignity! Of course he calls the dog Doofus also, and I don't like that either! He loves them all, and just calls them that because I get indignant.

Beethoven, the dog, was named before I got him, and even though Beethoven is my favorite composer (with the possible exception of Verdi), it's too long a call name. Mostly, I call him Pup Pup and honey. The cats, Blueberry and Precious are Beebies, Mommy's babies, Booberry, honey, Preciouslamb, lambkins love, Keekababies....oh, gosh, aren't we silly? It's a good thing they're smarter than we are! They would never make up silly names the way we do.

My Siamese are loving and obedient, but the notorious, deceased Checkers undoubtedly called me "Hey, jerk!" She really disliked me, but definitely loved my kids and my food.

The worst of all of this is that I can remember my mother calling cats and dogs "honey", and thinking that was just a bit much! And carrying on conversations with them? Oh, please!! As I was saying to Precious a few days ago.....
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Trent's nicknames have evolved over the 3 years he's been here. He started as Baby, which evolved to Bubba. He's still Bubba a lot. Some where I started calling him Boo (he's all black), and then Boo Bear. He's also Honey Bear, My Special Little Guy (from The Simpsons), Snuggle Bear. Almost forgot, he's also Bright Eyes from when he was sick, but every time I found him in his hiding spot his eyes would get big and bright, so I would see him and say "There's my Bright Eyes."

Ophelia's have pretty much stayed the same. She's Little Girl, Pretty Girl, Little One, Sweetie, Precious (but don't call her Princess, she gets mad!), or just Pretty.

Gee, Jeanie, I grew up thinking it was strange NOT to have conversations with your pets....
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Jeanie, don't worry about Ike's dignity - he has none. Besides, he recognizes tone of voice, more than the words. He knows that he's a big, ol' loveable goof.
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ok I have to get in on this one.
Roo = Rufus, Precious, my fatty, Roo-babies is probably the most popular. and of course "you little $***-head!" when he's bad.
Tigger = Tig-tig, tigster, mama, sweetie. and "you little $***-head" when she's bad :tounge2:
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ed is teddy eddie, stink bomb, snigglesnack, snack cake, pumpkin head ed, empty head ed, weird head ed, baby cat, and fatty.

coco is definatey one of us now that she has started earning nicknames -- princess, and squirrely girl.
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Snowball's nicknames change occasionally, his current nicknames are:
Sweetie Kitty
Kitty Kitty
CAT!!!!!!! (This one means he's in trouble!)
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Opps! I forgot about one of Snowballs nicknames! Lately we've also been calling him our Laptop Kitty because he likes to sit on my lap when I'm here at TCS!
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There isn't enough room for all the names I call my cats. The most popular ones are:
Twig: tigger, twiggy, tiggle toes, piggy toes
Rocket: weenis, little butt,little do
Isis: spooky, sweetie pie
Luna: Luna tuna, lunie bear, Luna loo, Loo Loo
but these are only a few now mind you... LOL!
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Fred- the fredlump, hairball, goofy boy
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Oh good grief!! Do we have time for this!?!?!? I;m SOOOOOO bad for calling my babies other names.. I think I invent a new one every day!!

Boddington = Bod, Boddy, Bodster, Bodly, Bear, Beast, Boddington Bear (I even sing this to the tune of the cartoon "Poddington Peas" oh the shame) Chubby, Tubby, Doughy, Tubber, Dumpling, Mummys angle, Mummys munchkin, Smurfle.

Merlot = Merle, Squirly Merle, Merleston, Whinger, Mummys Munchkin.

Shady = Stumpy, Stumper, Stumps, tiny, Mummys Elf.

Ash = (mainly gets called "WIll you SHUT UP!!!!"), Ashton, Ashley, Ashley cakes, Stinky, Lardy, Chubba, Big Mama, Assley, Tub, Fatso.

Monty = Montyzooma, Zoomer, Ganglion, Heammorhoid (sp?) Zoom, Freak.

Pip = Pipsqueak, Squeak, Squeaker, Pipkin, Kinny, Roundy cat, Pippykin, Peeper, Mewsley.

Truffle = Truffle Snuffler, Truffs, Tuffle chops, Choccy drop, Truffie.

And the dogs...

Rye = Ryeston, Ryeley, Ryeball, Piggy (he still has a pink nose, and he sticks it in everything!) and Snout.

Murphey = Murphster, Murphious (as in Morphious from The Matrix) Murfle and "energy boy" :laughing:

(now, dont' even ask about nicknames for family and friends!! )
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HOW daft are we?!?!?!

Baliero is Balie, Ballsie, Balieboy, Baliecat, BalBal, Baliewalie, BalieDoohDah, Furry flower, BalieBundle

Firenza is Fifi, Fifski, Fifettie, Princessy, SweetPea, Fluffetta

Ferdinand is Ferdy, ChunkyMonkey, SturdyFerdy, Gut Bucket, Lardy, Ferdelicious, Ferds, Ferdissimo

I could go on but I suspect I'm descending into madness bu documenting all this!!!
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We're crazy!!!

Do you "guys" call your "human" children by so many names?!?!

There were 5 of us in the house growing up.... my mom called me eveyone name but my own!!
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I would, sometimes, call the kids, by the cats' names and vice-versa. My mom was just as bad - sometimes, my brothers and I were "Whiskers" (our dog).
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Mr. FitzHerbert- Fitz, Mr. Fitz, Fitzy, Little Black Cat, Little Man, Turkey, Cutie, Stinky, Troublemaker, Sweetheart, Goofball, Chub, Squeaky, Fitzy-Man, Snuggly Kitty, Where Are You?, and Get Down!

Benny- Benny-Jamin, Ben, Sweet Pea, Stinky Bird
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Pepperpot - Princess peepers, Peepers, pep, pepper, peppy, peeps Pepperlypot

Sugarly - Princess, Sugie, Sugney, Sugiely, Sweet pea

Excalibur, Scally, Scabby, Scabbers, Fluffball, fatso, chunky, chunky butt, Scabbybur, Stinker, huneybunch

Merlin - Moo, Moomoo, Merline the Feline, Bad cat, the Evil one, Merl, Cowboy, crazy cat

Striker - Gweeky, Gweekum, Gweekers
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oh how funny!
i have a neutered male cat named elmo. my 5 year old daughter named him. he is the only male of all the cats i have. but his full name is dammit elmo that hurts!!!
that is because that is usually what i say to him. he is quite a little terror!!
my mother just gets the biggest kick out of his full name.:tounge2:
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