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about the foster kitty

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i have posted this once this after noon but can not find it??
the pc has been playing up a bit, sometimes when i quote someone it dosnt show the quote?

anyway his here and his the most beautiful little thing
he is on the royal canin senstive for another 9 weeks. then we will be going from there. so far his settled in great , and very loving. i will not do intros just yet with the other kittens i have here just because there all in with anne and shes just come home from her spay this morning , so i dont want to stress her out atall. but i might show chloe a bit later , there about the same age 14 weeks. god im gonna need a strong head to not fall in love with this one. i will post some pictures later just gotta sort the children out.
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LOL. That's funny! I can't wait to see pics
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as promised , isnt he lovely?

and this is of gizmo and chloe

chloe and gizmo gets on fine , gracy has been ok with him started to lick him etc.. so has Tom and so has lilly.
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He is lovely.
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But he's not staying OK?
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Originally Posted by Kumbulu View Post
But he's not staying OK?
yep i know , his not staying , his not staying , his not staying , does it sound beliveable yet?
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darn im gonna have to pratice a bit harder
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Oh how adorable! Tasha just how are you not going to fall for this one lol.....I guess its a case of keeping your 'practical' head on.
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yep thats right 'practical' head lol. the worse part i love all cats but tabbys , black , and orange have always been my favs. i have at the moment here 5 tabbys , and 3 black cats here at the moment lol including the kittens. but never even as a child has an orange kitty come to me as a stray or mum never brought home an orange lol . so this will be soooo hard.

btw i also have 2 black and whites , 1 grey and white and a tortie and white lol.
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He is soooo adorable!!

Thank you SO much for taking him in, you are a great person!
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Soooooooooo cute!!
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Soooo cute, u def don't sound believeable hey wats one more as a pernament resident ! He sure is a cutie, and that pic of him and Chloe soo cute
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he is doing real well . im keeping him seprate for now , the other cats have taken to him nicely , but he has decided its better to hiss , and when my cats go to walk away (scardy when hissed at by kitten) he will follow and hiss , then lay down in front of them , and then you have them slowly walk around him lol . such a tiny little thing scareing an 8 month old kitten lol . my older cats just look at him as if to say yea whatever , then proceed to smell and lick him. his getting on really well apart from the hissing. but that is normal , i should have waited like i do with the adult cats i bring in. but normally when bringing in a kitten things seem to go without a hitch. but good news is his poo has been staying normal, just gotta make sure all other food is up when his has a run around.
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