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What beauties they are!
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They are beautiful! I once almost purchased a ragdoll kitten from the pet store until I found out they wanted almost $700 a piece! Um yeah no thanks Im glad I adopted my other kitten! They are a gorgeous breed I must say!
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Wow!!! What beautiful kitties!!!! I love Icey, she is amazing! My aunt just got a couple rag dolls within the last year....hers are soooo shy and not very friendly! One of hers was an ex-breeder and he must not have had a loving owner, and her young girl is a little more friendly. Are they just shy cats to begin with??? You're babies look so cute and cuddly!
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Thanks to ellyn (lnbandcats) I have taken new pics with the camera she sent me! I will try and see if I can get them off the camera and on the computer and post them tomorrow. They are getting so big! They are 7 weeks old now!
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Originally Posted by celestialrags View Post
These are my lovely babies, and the new litter. They were 5 weeks in these pictures and will be 6 weeks tomorrow.

Mom: Icey

Dad Dante' (with my daughter Celeste)

The new litter of babies!

And this is my first ragdoll, a retired Queen Honey

Maybe that's what Tonka is? A ragdoll?
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Originally Posted by Dixie_Darlin View Post

Maybe that's what Tonka is? A ragdoll?
He looks like my honey! I love him! He could be a raggie or mix? Can't tell for sure, but it looks like one in the face!
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OMG, they are aLL so adorable
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Here are some recent pics of the babies. They are almost 9 weeks old.

This is cosmo owned by ellyn (lnbandcats)

this is cosmo also, what a handsome little darling! I am going to have a hard time giving him up, I am so glad ellyn is such a sweet lady and he is going to have a great home! Thanks ellyn for being you!

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Oh my soul! They are so big and beautiful! I want my little boy right now! Look at that expression - oh yeah, he is going to be a handful!
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I think the last one is him too, look at his toes. He is a nut! You are going to have such fun with him!
I will be making his neuter apointment soon, and he will be ready soon after that!
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Oh, he's so beautiful! I love his eyes. I'll bet he's every bit as much fun as Smudge is, LOL!
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