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Feeling sad..

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Hi all. I know it's been a while since I've posted here, but I just have to give an update- really, it's not sad, it's happy, but not for me.

Do you remember Bing? The feral/stray? Well, I've been looking for a home for him since he has gotten better- well, some folks are coming to see him tonight. Apparently Bing looks just like the cat that they lost a while ago... They sound to be very nice, they want a kitty who is very friendly, etc, and Bing sounds to be just right...

I'm going to miss this cat so much.. He is SO friendly and just loves all attention.. I've nursed him back to health several times- but my mom won't let me keep him- a house where he'll be the centre of attention is what he needs. He's getting plain BORED here, and is picking fights with my other cats!!!

I hope this home will be good for him... I am expecting lots of updates- and if for some reason it doesn't work out and they can't keep him, he's coming back here.

I took a couple pics of him, but photobucket isn't working right now... I'll post them later.

Heres hoping this new home is perfect for him...
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Just try to think how happy you have made him and his new owners! He is a lucky little kitty to have you him his life!
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Oh I hope it works out for him!

Make sure you let them know that if it doesn't work out that you will take him back! I'd hate to see him dumped into a shelter if they can't manage with him for some reason.
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I'm so sorry you're feeling sad. I just adopted out a foster kitty that I was attached to a couple of days ago so I know what you're feeling to some extent.

Just think how happy Bing will be in his new home, though, and how much happiness he'll bring to his new owners. You did a wonderful thing by caring for him.

Sinding lots of vibes for Bing in his new home!
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It is always sad when we part with someone, especially one we have cared for. But you have done the best you can by him, and it souds as if htese people, if they take him, will stay in touch and you won't lose him completely.
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Thanks guys... I'm sure they'll be great to him and give me updates... I'm just paranoid, lol...
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Hi again. He left for his new home about 15 minutes ago... They LOVED him. He fell asleep in the lady's arms, and they didn't care that he absolutely covered her with cat hair... I think this home will be perfect- Bing was at perfect ease with them, whereas he usually is a little bit cautious around new people.

Some pics-

I'll miss him, but they are going to update me frequently, and it is agreed that if it doesn't work out, he's coming back here.
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Awwwww it sounds like beautiful Bing has found his home ....... and big hugs to you what a hard day but Im sure it also made you feel so good to know hes going to be loved
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