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My cat again, and his water obsession

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A few months back I made a post about my cat, Lovebug, and his obsession with water, mainly in the bathroom. He has been checked for health issues and it has all come out fine...although this was about 3-4 months ago.

I bought the water fountain as many of you had suggested, and all of the animals love it. But Lovebug is insane. He will RACE up the steps if you go up them even if you are not heading to the bathroom. And if he is upstairs already as soon as you start coming up the stairs he is right there at the top....the guardian of the water "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!".

Its funny but at the same time its getting dangerous because he will dart between our feet and more than a few times he has almost made me and my boyfriend fall while walking up the stairs! And I literally mean everytime we walk up or down the stairs...this happens alllll day long.

While I am in the shower he is inside the curtain with me watching. If I go to the bathroom he demands the water in the tub is turned on to trickle so he can drink it. He SLEEPS in the tub!!!!! I really don't know what to make of all this.

One theory is that it is the only place he can be totally alone with us, and it is his "special time" but he really doesn't care if we are in there, just about the water. He is in that bathroom non-stop if we are in it or not. If we turn water on in the kitchen...there he is. He is like the water patrol.

Anyone have any ideas, or indications as to what might be causing this? He is a very sweet and loving cat when we can get him away from the water lol. He has plenty of toys, water bowls in several rooms as well as food, and I am always at home. I have 1 other male cat and 2 dogs. I am mostly afraid because my Mom will be living here with us for a few months starting in June and with him on the stairs I really don't wanna see her fall. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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I think he wants a bath.

I know cats are basically clean, but, still, my indoor cats like a bath about every 3 weeks, they act so much better when they are clean and fluffy and smell good.

Not so much that they are dirty, but, they just feel so much better after they have had their bath and they look softer too.
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Hmm I never tried to give him a bath because when his actual body gets wet he doesn't like it. He just likes to drink it and watch it. I suppose we could try it though. Both cats are strictly indoors so they don't get dirty, but who knows maybe he would like it. I can't really think of much else to explain his odd behavior.
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Well, the water obviously makes him happy, so don't worry!
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nothing crazy about this at all. my Marsh also loves to follow me into the bathroom, and he's there for every shower I'm sure if i opened the sliding doors, he'll join me as well. he loves to sleep there as well.
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