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I'm soooo excited!

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Ok. So I just wanted to share this with you guys....Let me start at the beginning so you understand the whole story. Sorry if this gets long

I was unemployed and looking for a job around December/January. My neighbor who is origninally from Israel told me that one of his friends (also from Israel) has a locksmith business in Atlanta, Georgia. But his friend (we'll call him Spike) wanted to move the business to Phoenix, Arizona (where I live) and work out of GA but have the office in AZ. Complicated?!?!

Ok, so I was offered a job from Spike But I had to wait-unemployed- for like 3 weeks until he actually moved the office to here. And it wasn't really that great of money- just average I guess. But It sounded like fun, and hey I didn't have a job. So I waited.

Well, I've been working with this company now for a few months and I really like it! I've been the person that answers the phones and dispatches jobs to the technicians in Georgia. And we also have a locksmith company in Phoenix now- so I dispatch jobs to these technicians as well. I also train every employee that gets hired... and do all the paperwork in the office. My boss says he doesn't know what he'd do without me.

When I first started this job I wasn't 100% satisfied with the amount of money he'd be paying me per hour... So I asked him if we could negotiate. He told me that he wanted to see me work for a few weeks to see how I am in the office. Understandable!!! But a few weeks came and left. It's been awhile now and I just didn't have the guts to talk to him about it...even though we get along GREAT!

Now to the point... the other day OUT OF NOWHERE.. my boss- Spike- said "Hey isn't about time for your raise?" And I'm like "Uh....ya!??!?!?" He said that when he gets back from Israel (He's going to see family- will be gone for a month or less) that we're going to sit down and discuss my raise (YAY!!) AND he's going to make me ADMINISTRATOR of the office. SWEET! I know I pretty much already do all this BUT now I'll actually have the title! I'm pretty excited!! Just wanted to share this with you guys! Finally (hopefully) something good will happen from this!!

P.S. Sorry so long
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Aw, that's really neat! It's nice to be happy in your work - makes the days fly by!
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Wooohooo. Hopefully the raise will reflect the quality (and quantity) of work that you do.
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Outstanding! You must be doing a terrific job, for him to feel confident in leaving the country for a month! Congratulations!
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That sounds awesome!!
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Congrats on the raise and the title!
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that is cause for excitment!! Good for you
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That sounds wonderful! Congratulations..
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