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How could she forget?

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I am so angry at my mom. She forgot my youngest son's birthday yesterday. How can you forget your grandson's 1st birthday? The only reason she called was because my aunt called her to remind her. She was so busy with my sister and nieces that she didn't even think about Derek. My mom has always favoured my sister and her girls, but this just proves it. Then again, the fact that my mom moved from 5 minutes away from my house to over 1 hour away to be near my sister, quit her job to watch the girls and a whole bunch of other stuff should have proved it. Why do I keep giving her more chances to hurt me?

I am so frustrated I could cry. My boys just lost a grandmother (one who was there for them all the time until she died). Why can't they depend on the 1 grandmother they have left?
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I'm so sorry to hear that. Both of my grandmothers were very much like that unfortunately. One lives in Texas so I've only ever seen her twice in my life... and of course she greatly prefers the grandkids that live near her. The other grandma I grew up at the same apartment complex with her around every day, and for awhile she was a wonderful grandmother... then my sister was born and she had nothing to do with me again. She passed away in 2005.
My great-grandma was the only "real" grandma I ever had, she was awesome. She also passed away in 2005 and I miss her so much.
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I can sympathize with you. My dad only seems to know that he has one grandchild (my older brother's son) even though I have a son (first grandchild) and my younger brother has a boy and a girl.

I quit worrying about it years ago, and so did my son. He has no interest in his grandpa now, and I don't blame him a bit. Its not my son's loss...
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I understand. My grandma has forgotten about us too. She used to send birthday and christmas gifts. Now we don't even get a card. I don't care anymore. I know how she is. Its not fair to my sister or I but we are old enough now that we don't let it bother us. But your son doesn't understand why she doesn't care about him. He is better off without her.
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I have never understood how parents can favour one of their children over another. The same with Grandchildren, we have nine and each one is special and precious in their own way. It's sad that their Grandmother is missing out on two wonderful little boys.
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Thanks for the support everyone. I think what bothers me the most is that my mom and I were pretty close before my sister had her kids. Now it just seems like her whole life revolves around them and my sister takes serious advantage of it. Any time I mention anything about it my mom brushes it or says "I love all my grandkids the same". But actions do speak louder then words.
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That's pretty lousy. Some people just don't care very much.

My mother has forgotten my birthday, and she's not senile or anything. I'm just the least favorite (she's told me). Last year, she called after my birthday and said, "Someone told me you had a birthday." Someone told her? This is my mother.

I'm so glad your little boy has you; he doesn't need that grandma.
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Both my parents forget my birthday. I don't get a card, or even so much as a phone call. My dad and I were never close, but I still sent a card and called him on his birthday, after a few years of not receiving anything back, I stopped. The past 3 years, my mom has forgoten too. This year was the first year I didn't acknowlegde her birthday....The popular 2005 excuse was that my golden bday landed on Thanksgiving....ok, but my 2006 one wasn't. I stopped caring.

Your son will realize it in time. Scott has cousins whose other side of the family favors their aunt's kids extremely. They would even have sepate Christmases and would unwrap some the night before inviting everyone over, then would save some for when everyone was there so they wouldn't have to buy the same amount. Scott's cousin once asked her "Why do you love aunties kids more than you love us?" They then stopped the 2 Christmas BS. But, then they have another aunt who lives in Florida who they did the same thing too. .... at least Scott isn't related to that side of the family.

Take it all into stride, and remember when THEY want something!
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