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Paint emergency with Wellington!

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What a dreadful day! And it's not over yet. The worst thing has been Wellington - I was painting a door and he rushed at it, being chased by one of the others. He ran under my brush, and it streaked him along one side. The paint was white and glycerine, so I had to get it off quickly, but it was difficult to see on his fur. He went into a corner and started to try to lick it off, so I rushed over, wrapped him in a dishtowel, and then tried to use a damp sponge, but that did no good at all. Still holding him, I called my vet who said to use a little white spirit on a cloth, then to shampoo it off immediately in warm water. So I did that, shampooed him till I could not smell anything, and rubbed him as dry as I could. But he was freaking out by then, crying and howling, and turning round in circles and licking and biting at his side. He was so good with me, and I felt so terrible, and the only marks I have are where he tried to jump out of the bath, not a deliberate attack. So I called the vet again, who said to shampoo him again, which I did. The poor cat was in a total state by then and it brought on an asthma attack, one of the worst he has ever had. I waited till he had calmed down a little and gave him some of his medicine, and a syringe of water, in case he had ingested any paint or white spirit. Now, four hours later, he is crouching in a dark corner under the stairs, still wheezing with every breath, but otherwise calm. He has eaten, and had more water by syringe. One thing that scares me is that he has had bouts of trying to use the litter box and doesn't seem able to - he goes from one box to another with no result. There is no vet available to see him for another hour, and I am debating whether it will be more stressful to take him in, or to see if he continues to make progress. I feel like I have been torturing him all afternoon, and I am in a state of near panic myself. I looked up white spirit and one report it was poisonous if absorbed through the coat or skin (the vet didn't say that - in fact, told me to use it if I washed it off at once) and another says it has to be swallowed in large quantities to be fatal.

This morning I was woken at 6 by my neighbour to say the ponies were down the lane in her drive! So I grabbed some grain and carrot and went to catch them. Fortunately they came like lambs, but I cannot understand how it happened - there are two bolts on their paddock gate, and both were undone. I am sure I locked them in last night, so I am in a quandary over that. What a day.
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Awww poor Wellington! Sounds like it has been a rough day. I'm sure he will be ok, he's probably just scared and nervous now.

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Goodness you are having a bad day..I hope Wellington will be ok, and I am glad that your ponies are safe back at home...Take a deep breath and try to remain as calm as possible..Wellington's wheezes I hope will go away as he settles back down from the stress of multiple bath's...
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OMG Jenny...I'm stressed just reading all that...I had a cat that fell into paint once and he was fine after several baths...When I think back on that now I think I should have just shaved the hair off where the paint was! Maybe Wellington is nervous...I would do what you see fit though, if you will feel better get him to a vet.

Glad you got the ponies back in too Phew!
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Poor Wellington (and poor you)! Sounds like you need a "do over".
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Goodness Jenny, what a rought day! Hope things calm down, and Wellington begins acting normally soon.

And thank goodness the ponies came home easily.
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Oh crikey Jenny what a day alright!
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Jenny that sounds like an awful day1 I hope things look better for you soon!
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jeese I am exhausted reading that myself !
Poor Wellington - aww, he'll calm down soon - its so hard when you want to help them but it means a bit of tough love its been a traumatic day for all concerned let us know how he goes on.

strange about your ponies, glad you got them back OK

Think a nice glass of French wine is in order !!
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Aww...poor Wellington! I'm sorry you're having such a hard day.
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Sounds like you need a good soak in the tub with a bottle of wine! I hope Wellington is ok.
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Jenny, what an ordeal for you both! I hope Wellington settles and is fine soon.
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How is he doing now?
Hope you are both recovering from your stressful day
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It got worse - somehow I knew it would. Wellington calmed down but never got comfortable - he was all twitchy and nervous in his corner nest that he made under the stairs, and I was really worried that he couldn't seem to settle in a litter box. So we went to the vet's evening clinic and the vet, like me, was more worried about the urination problem than the paint. He felt him and said he had a bladder that was like a hard orange, and he couldn't express it. So I left him there, and he went into surgery as soon as the clinic finished. I have since had a message to say they succeeded in unblocking him, and I can pick him up in the morning, when we can discuss further treatment and diet. I do not know yet what caused the blockage - crystals or stones or whatever, but the vet will tell me all in the morning. All I can say is, thank goodness I was monitoring him anyway this afternoon, otherwise I might not have noticed him straining. Maybe the paint incident was a blessing in disguise. But please send vibes that my poor boy makes a full recovery. He has had such a hard life, and he is not yet two years old.
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The paint was definately a blessing! You were able to get the poor baby the help he needed! Thank goodness he is going to be alright!
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Jennie, what an awful day for you and Wellington. They say God works in mysterious ways and I'd say the paint incident was an excellent example.

Sending healing vibes and prayers to you both.
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Oh Jenny, I did so hope this was going to be a better year for you.
sending lots of vibes for Wellington to make a full and speedy recovery.
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Thanks. I am so scared. I feel like history is repeating itself.
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heck, can you believe that - the paint incident, as you say a message of warning

I am sending lots of get well PDQ ((((((( vibes ))))))) for sweet Wellington - give him some special chin scritches from us all

Hope you have a good night rest
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Oh Jenny .......... sending many prayers and vibes your way
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Oh my gosh jenny hope everything is going to be OK, I'll have you in my Thoughts & Prayers
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Oh my...sending healing vibes and prayers, and hope you get some rest tonight, you surely must be exhausted!
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Goodness Jenny! It never rains, does it! I'm glad, though, that you were able to get Wellington the attention he needed -- sooner than might have been the case, had he not had the run-in with the paint brush. I hope his recovery is quick. Sending lots of vibes and prayers for him, and for you.
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Sending vibes and prayers for you and Wellington. But it does sound like some unseen force was actually looking out for Wellington and I hope will continue to.
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I have to agree with everyone - the paint was a blessing in disguise. You were able to get Wellington into the vet in time because you were monitoring him so closely.

I'm sending lots and lots of healthy vibes for Wellington, and for you, Jenny.
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Wow that's the second story like this today! Thank goodness you got paint on him!
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Just checking, did you get any sleep?
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No, I didn't get much sleep, but I had four cats to comfortme. Biscotte didn't seem to realise Wellington wasn't there - she cuddled up to Persil. But I went at 8 AM to the vet, and picked him up. The vet said it was a very small calcium stone, and was easy to remove once he was asleep and dilated. So he has avoided real surgery, thank goodness. He is on antibiotics and dilating tablets for ten days. The vet does not think there is a need to change his diet yet, but I think I will anyway. He prefers wet food, and I bought two boxes of high protein food last time I was inthe UK. It was to try it out, and they all seem to like it, so next time I go I will buy three months' worth! I will probably have to order it from Pets at Home,a s they are unlikely to have that much in stock. You can't get it here, everyone here feeds dry food and Friskies or Whiskas wet as a treat.

He was glad to be home, and I have him separate from the others, as he is not to eat till tonight. He went straight to a water bowl though, and took a long drink, which is good. It was all a warning, and I will take preventative measures to avois any problems int he future. He has enough to deal with, with his asthma. Thankyou all for your concern.
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That was quite the ordeal for Wellington. It sounds that he will be ok though.
I hope that you are feeling more relieved today and can relax a bit yourself.
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I am glad he is home and the situation wasn't as serious as it have been. He is 1 lucky kitty to have been painted!
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