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Can someone reccomend a Good dry kitten food? Kitten hates his food...

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Well, I've been feeding him Purina kitten chow, not the best I know, but at least not on the recall menu and pretty standard. Only problem is he hates it, almost refuses to eat it at all. He tries to go all day without eating it and wait for 'treat' times in the morning and evening when all my cats get a little wet food. My two older cats munch on their Indoor Cat Chow every few hours and seem fine with it, I've been feeding them that two and a half years so no problems there.

Yet I really do want to try to avoid buying a dozen different kinds of kitten chow and possibly making him even more finicky, or making his stomach get sensitive from too many food changes, gradual or not.

Can anyone reccomend a good kitten chow, NOT on the recall list of course, that they've had good sucsess with in terms of cats seeming to enjoy the flavor and also it being relatively healthy for them?
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How old is he? He may turn down any hard food at this point. Kitten chow, while it's not the best - is usually well received at least, by cats of any age.

I'm not a fan of moistening dry food, but maybe mix some dry with the wet he likes, just to get him to try it? Or just let him eat the wet food...but that may not be an option for you. I understand.

I know some people like the Royal Canin Babycat. It has very tiny pieces, maybe he would eat that. I haven't looked at the ingredients in a long time, but I haven't heard of a recall involving it.
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I tried Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul kitten formula. Daphne didn't care for it. Then tried Natural Balance Ultra (pink bag) - she likes it! With these brands, most stores will take them back if your cat will not eat them.
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Felidae Is the brand of food we are using for a kittens. So we have also heard about Innova Evo is an excelent food as well.

Here's my 'two bits' on 'cheaper cat food.' Cheaper cat food may be alright, as if you are on a tight budget, but in the long run its more beneficial to buy slightly 'more expensive' cat food with a higher protein content in it. The 'cheaper cat foods' have more 'fillers' in them, and will not fill your cat as qucikly. So, buying the higher protein content food will have your cat eating less and feeling fuller, and as a result you'll be buying less food....
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Sadie is also a fan of Natural Balance's Ultra Premium. This food has not been affected by the recent recalls, and it is suitable for kittens through to adulthood.
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Thanks for suggestions, I'll got to Pet Smart today and write some of these down on a list to see if they carry them.

Also, Kitten is almost 12 weeks old ( he will be 12 weeks this Sunday) and I've had him since he was 8 weeks old, so a month now. He does occasionally eat his dry food...or more often he steals a bite out of my older cats' food dishes, but he really doesn't want to eat his Kitten Chow, though he is fully weaned and was supposedly eating dry food when I got him from the private owner...who was not the best of owners, btw. They were feeding them President's Choice which IS on the recall list, so I was worried, thankfully the Vet check showed no problems in the kidney area and he hasn't had symptoms of it maybe not the affected date or he hadn't eaten enough of it to make him sick.

Anyway, I will look around for some of these brands.
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my kitten list

nutro natural choice

royal canin the kitten ones( they have two )

premium edge

chicken soup

for all stage : which are basically adult food s that fit a nutrient profile for kitten thru adult


solid gold( not my first choice do to low fat)



raw instict

natural balence
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Kitten and Daphne are the same age Daph was eating Seb's food too, but now they both like the Natural Balance and it is suitable for all life stages.
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The way I recommend feeding kittens is to feed wet food for breakfast and dinner and leave the dry out for the kitten to graze on through the day. I don't believe in forcing a kitten to eat a food he/she doesn't like and if he will only eat wet kitten food at the moment, that's fine.
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Well, as I said, ALL my cats get wet food in the morning and evening.

However, I like to leave dry out during the day for them to eat as well. The reason I am looking for a good dry kitten food is because I don't WANT to force Kitten to eat something he doesn't like, however I think he needs to get used to eating dry food as well, mostly because I can't afford 4 different brands of cat food just to satisfy a finicky appetite. I've no problem buying more expensive brands, and no problem buying wet and dry since I feed both, but cats can and will adapt to a feeding routine, and I want him on the same'routine' as my two older ones... canned in the morning and evening, dry left out at all times for them to eat.

It's easier for their stomachs to adjust that way and easier on my wallet too. Plus dry food is actually good for them to eat as well as wet, because it helps keep teeth and gums strong, and can help clean away tartar build up.

That being said, I bought some of the Natural Balance today and let each cat sample a handful of it. So far so good, I will begin mixing it in with their usual dry catfood and increase it a bit each day until the switch is complete. Though it cost a little more per bag, it'll actually save me money in the long run because since it covers both kitten and adult cat, I'm not having to buy two seperate bags of dry, and also the Natural Balance comes in a slighter larger package so I get more. Here's to hoping the switch goes well and they continue to eat the new stuff.
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Good news on the Natural Balance.
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wonderful, hope they continue to like it There is a recall on the other NB dry (venison and pea) but the Ultra is okay recall-wise.
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All life stage food is a very good option to go with if you have kittens and adults in your household.

That is what I got when I got a kitten, because she kept on eating adult cat food and ignoring her own.

I hope Natural Balance works out, its a terrific food!
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Originally Posted by Bonnie1965 View Post
wonderful, hope they continue to like it There is a recall on the other NB dry (venison and pea) but the Ultra is okay recall-wise.
FOr now and I hope it stays that way ....
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i changed from purina a couple months ago to Felidae and it was the best thing I could have done for my cats....

felidae.....felidae.....felidae........ the best in my opinion for the money.

One thing that happened to mine on purina is they vomited all the time. I thought it was hair balls.... It stopped instantly on the felidae.

I ran out a couple weeks ago and ran to the store and bought one small bag of purina till I could get to the store for felidae and the cats promply began vomiting after they ate.

That tells me something.

Felidae is my choice. Thanks to Sharky......
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