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I'm angry... really, really angry

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Last night my boyfriend traded a guy a motorcycle for a car... so we had to meet the guy to give him the motorcycle. This guy used to be a friend of John's until some things happened last year which I won't go into detail. I went with John to help him. The guy knows I work with animals and frequently foster... his girlfriend is kicking him out of the house and he needs to find a home for his large dog. I told him I can't foster a dog right now because I've got newborn kittens and they're taking up most of my time but I will try to find someone that will take the dog.
Anyway, when I told him about the kittens being born he said "oh, my girlfriend's dad's cat just had kittens a few days ago, but he decided he didn't like them so they met a .45" I know it happens all the time, but how can someone be so awful? I'm still angry about it. And when I told the guy that I just rescued some orphaned kittens he said "well that's a bad idea"... and implied that they should "meet mister .45 too" as he called it.
Needless to say, we're never going to talk to that guy ever again.
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ARGH!!!!!! How awful! How can people be so cruel and callous!?!
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There's a special place in hell for people like that...
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OMG, that just made my heart stop RIP little kitties
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On the bright side the kittens probably dies quickly. I know... it's not that bright but it's better than being tossed into a river in a pillow case! May those poor sweet babyies play happily over the bridge where they won't have to worry about mean nasty people.
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