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belly pictures.

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the only reason im putting these up is im worried how big she is getting , i mean she will only be a year old on the 5th of this month, but the vet seems to think she will be ok. if you have seen my other posts you know the story.
so here is her under belly taken about a week ago

and one of her and stripes.

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She is a beautiful kitty!
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Wow, she is big! She's either got some big babies or lots of little ones in there!
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in a way i hope she just has a cupple of big ones , but on the other hand because she is normally a very small build she the vet is a bit worried about her being able to delivery if they are indeed big. but trying to find good homes for to many isnt always possible.
also her nipples are very pink and getting big , but the amount of fur she has it isnt possible to see in photos.
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Tasha, I've just been reading your other threads about Fluffy and OMG. You and she have been really put through it!
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tell me about it , i was so angry when it all first happend i just didnt know what to do except moan about it over and over. but im come to except mistake can and do happen in vets im just glad we now know , and a shame she was pregnant. now i just pray everything goes well.
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Me too. Fingers crossed.
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thank you. for your support.
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She is getting really big, I am anxious to find out how many she has. But she'll probably keep us waiting...
She sure does have alot of fur too, I know why you named her Fluffy.
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She looks about to pop! I bet she has quite a few kittens in there! Good Luck!
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wow she is so cute and what a big belly she has i do hope all goes well for her and look forward to updates good luck x
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thanx that picture was taken when she was about 6.5 weeks along , i will put some more up of her later , she has about 5 days or so left.
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